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Field Trip.

This feels just like the time we visited a museum back in the tenth grade. I probably look like a kid who just went to the park for the first time and Cairo is my tour guide.

This place is actually big. They have dorms. Marts. Huge libraries. And garden! Gods, the garden is fantastic! Everything. They have everything in here. It actually looks like a mini-city.

We are now here in the open field. Though I don't see much people around. We've been walking for a while now but we barely bump into people. I mean, this is a big place. Where the hell could the people be?

"So, Cairo, are you sure you won't suddenly attack me and cut my throat?" Hey, it won't hurt to be sure, you know. If I'm gonna die, I should know at least, right?

Cairo chuckled at my retort. "Of course, Dakota. You're much of a loss if you get killed. Not that we would kill you anyway."

"What do you mean? And don't even try to compliment me." This old guy sure knows how to sugarcoat.

"I see so much potential in you, Dakota. You really think you just accidentally found that piece of paper?"

My head suddenly snapped. "WHAT?"

"I made it look like someone accidentally dropped it there. But I was the one who actually put it there."

For the second time, "WHAT?"

"Levi's doesn't even know about it."

And, gods, for the third time, "WHAT?"

"You have so much in you, Dakota. All you need is a little something to kick it start. I knew that note would do the trick." He grinned triumphantly.

"You're not making sense, Cairo. I can't understand a word you say."

"You have the capability to manipulate codes."


"Codes. As in codes codes. You know, computer, programming."

"Oh. That."

I hope I didn't sound so disappointed. I really thought for a moment there, I am actually special. Like yeah. There's really something special in computer programming and html and stuffs. Perhaps as special as a piece of lint. Rats.

"What does it have to do with anything?"

"I don't think you get it yet, Dakota. In case you haven't noticed, you are currently inside the premises of a hacking society."

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