Chapter 14

May 5th

Nicole was glad that her father had seemed to give Riley a break, but the strange part was whenever Riley was over, Mr Walker would watch him like a hawk. That was why Nicole finally decided she would not bring Riley over to her place for a while.

On the weekend, Riley had asked Nicole out on another date. Nicole knew that she should have been home studying, but she was willing to make an exception because she wanted to see Riley.

As Nicole and Riley were walking hand in hand around the shopping centre, Nicole could not stop noticing the dirty looks that they were receiving. Nicole had been going out with Riley for a while now, but they were still getting dirty looks, and it was making her feel very uncomfortable.

It wasn't fair.

Nicole just wanted to enjoy her dates with her boyfriend and she didn't want to feel uncomfortable and worried about being judged.

"Don't worry about them, babe," said Riley as he wrapped his arm around Nicole's shoulder, "they are probably just jealous."

Nicole just looked at Riley. She wanted to laugh but she couldn't because she wasn't in the laughing mood, and jokes were not going to make her laugh.

"I am not worry," Riley continued.

"I know. How do you do that?" replied Nicole.

"What do you mean?"

"You make it look so easy. Aren't they making you feel uncomfortable."

"Yes, they are making me uncomfortable, but I try not to show it."


"Just by thinking about you and how much I am liking spending time with my beautiful girlfriend," said Riley.

Nicole smiled, knowing that she was blushing.

"So, try not to worry about it."

"I'll try."

"What do you want to do now?"

"I don't know. I am happy with window shopping for now," said Nicole.

"With all these girls looking at us?" replied Riley.

"I need to learn to deal with it."

"Good. Don't let them bother you."

"Practice makes perfect."

"Exactly right, babe."


May 6th

The next week, Tasha brought herself some lunch from the café that was on her university campus and then she made her way to the front of the campus to wait for Adam. He was coming to meet Sebastian, Emily and Emma today because his classes had finished early. Tasha really wanted him to meet her friends and this was a really good opportunity that popped up at the perfect time.

Adam said that he would get there around lunch time and after looking at the time on her phone, Tasha decided that he had one minute. But Tasha smiled when she heard running footsteps that belonged to Adam. When he arrived, he gave her a kiss on the lips before playfully taking a bite from her lunch. Tasha pretended that she was angry with him for doing that, but she wasn't; she thought it was funny. And Adam just smiled cheekily at his girlfriend.

"So, where is everyone?" asked Adam.

"The roof top garden," replied Tasha.

"You have a roof top garden here?"

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