Chapter 14

Nicole was glad that her father had seemed to give Riley a break but the strange part was that whenever Riley was over, Mr Walker would watch him like a hawk. That was why Nicole finally decided that she would not bring Riley over for a while.

On the weekend, Riley had asked Nicole out on another date. Nicole knew that she should have been home studying but she was willing to make an exception.

As Nicole and Riley were walking hand in hand around the shopping centre, Nicole could not stop noticing the dirty looks that they were receiving. Nicole had been going out with Riley for quite a while now and they were still getting dirty looks. Nicole liked spending time with Riley but the dirty looks were making her feel very uncomfortable and it wasn’t fair. Nicole wanted to enjoy her dates with her boyfriend, not feel uncomfortable and worry about being judged. 

“Don’t worry about them, babe,” said Riley as he wrapped his arm around Nicole’s shoulder, “they are probably just jealous.”

Nicole just looked at Riley. She wanted to laugh but she couldn’t because she wasn’t in the laughing mood and jokes were not going to make her laugh.

“I’m not worrying,” Riley continued.

“I know. How do you do that?” asked Nicole.

“What do you mean?”

“You make it look so easy. Aren’t they making you feel uncomfortable?”

“Yes, they are but I try not to show it.”


“Just by thinking about you and how I am spending time with my beautiful girlfriend,” replied Riley.

Nicole smiled.

“So try not to worry about it.”

“I’ll try.”

“What do you want to do now?”

“I don’t know. I am happy with walking,” replied Nicole.

“With all these girls looking at us?”

“I am feeling better now, after you spoke to me.”


The next week, Tasha brought herself some lunch from the café that was on her university campus, made her way to the front of the university and waited patiently for her boyfriend. She looked at her watch. He said he would be here at lunch time and he only had a minute left to get here if he didn’t want to be late. Tasha smiled when she heard running footsteps. Finally Adam was here and they could get his plan started. Adam kissed Tasha on the lips and he playfully took a bite from her lunch. Tasha pretended that she was angry with him for doing that but she wasn’t; she thought it was funny. Adam smiled cheekily at his girlfriend.

“Why were you running? You still had a minute to get here,” said Tasha.

“I just wanted to make sure that I was on time,” replied Adam after he finished chewing, “so, do you know where Sebastian is?”

“Yeah, he is at the rooftop garden.”

“Rooftop garden?”

Now Adam wished that his university had a rooftop garden.

“Yes, now, can we get going? I want to get this over and done with.”

Tasha and Adam quickly made their way over to the lifts and Tasha was mentally preparing herself for this. In her lecture, much to her disgust, Tasha sat near Sebastian and his friends and she tried her hardest to make it not look like she was eavesdropping. Tasha was proud of herself that she had learnt where Sebastian was going to spend his hour break before his tutorial.

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