Lions, Not Butterflies

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“Wait… What?”, Harry asks with wide eyes. His reaction resembles my exact reaction from that night.

“He um… I mean, they…… I caught them... Together. And I ran downstairs bawling, not believing what I had seen. I mean, I knew he was still cheating on me, but I didn’t know who the girls were and I was trying to salvage what we had, stupidly. I thought I could fix it and show him I was worth being with.

But this was my sister. MY older sister. And she came down the stairs and looked me up and down and said ‘I fucked him better than you ever could’ and walked out. 

I haven’t seen her since.

Harry, I didn’t tell you because it’s so screwed up and I didn’t want you to think my family is like that, because they’re not. She’s just…. She’s crazy and we’ve always had problems. I don’t think she’s ever liked me, to be honest."

-Harry’s POV-

I stand in shock. How could she possibly think that I would look at her differently??? Her sister sounded like an absolute witch, but I wouldn’t hold this against Ava.

I bring her close to me on the sofa and hug her tightly while kissing her forehead. 

“Love. I know these things are hard for you to admit and life isn’t pretty sometimes. But we have to be honest. You can trust me. With anything.”

She looked up at my through water filled eyes and cracked a small smile. “I know Harry, I mean, I knew that I just… You know I’ve told you I have trust problems, so even though I knew you could be trusted I just couldn’t… But I will from now on, I promise..”

We spent the afternoon running errands, getting groceries for the dinner I wanted to make her tonight. 

Now we’ve been sitting in silence for a while, both of us reading our books. Well, her reading and me staring at her and wondering what goes on in her mind. 

Ava seems to have been a bit out of it since the run in with that jackass. My phone buzzes, but I ignore it.

“Okay, love, time to get up. Let’s just take a walk and clear our heads before we start dinner. I think we both need some fresh air, yes?”, I say as I lift her chin with my pointer finger. She nodded and grins at me before giving me a small kiss on the nose and getting up to get her sweater.

Her flat was decent and there was a nice little courtyard/backyard area in the back of the building. Mainly, it was used for people with pets and whatnot and I figured a little walk would be nice after the drama that had taken place.

She grabs her keys and we walk out, hand in hand. 

“Let’s take the stairs, yeah? I think we should detour before sitting in the park.”

“Okay, Harry”, she says absentmindedly, obviously still stuck in what had happened.

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