Chapter 3

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We made our way to the dining hall for dinner. I spotted George and made my way over to sit next to him. "Hey Sammy. You looking forward to a new year?" He said while moving over so I could sit down. "Not really. Some of the classes are hard and I can't keep up" I said remembering defence against the dark arts class and groaning. "I could help you. You know like 'tutor' if that's what you muggle borns call it" he said. I was about to say yes when Dumbledore started his speech. It went on forever but finally he finished. "Are there any questions or concerns about this year?" He asked looking around. I raised my hand and spoke, "what's the wifi password?" All the other muggle borns turned their heads when they heard wifi. "Sherbet Lemon with a capital S and L" Dumbledore said causally. All the pure bloods just looked at each other like wifi was a secret gang. I chuckled to myself. Then Dumbledore said the 4 words I have been dying to hear all day "let the feast begin" and with that the food appeared. I scooped a big spoonful of mac n cheese and plopped in on my plate. "How do you eat that stuff?" I hear Ron say from in front of me. "Well I scoop up a little bit on my spoon then put the mac n cheese in my mouth. After that I chew it and then swallow it" I said smiling. "Haha very funny. You know what I mean" "I don't know. It taste yummy to me. It must be a muggleish thing then" i told him shrugging my shoulders. I noticed from the corner of my eye Draco looking at me. Well he wasn't staring but he was looking at me then back to his friends like he was pretending to listen to their conversation but in reality he was just paying attention to me. "So what class do you have first?" George said while taking the biggest gulp of his drink. "Urgh I have potions class!" I said while rolling my eyes. "What's wrong with potions class?" George said while looking confused then suddenly from behind a low voice said "yeah what is wrong with potions class Samantha?" It was my father. "Oh nothing it's just it's hard" I said with sarcasm in my voice. Snape knew why I didn't like it. It was because he was my father and it is weird. Snape just looked and walked off. If we were alone he would of chuckled "Woah that was close. If I said it I would have gotten a weeks worth of detention! You are very lucky" Ron said with an astonished look on his face. "Yeah lucky.."

"God fucking dammit why doesn't my headphones work!" I said when we got back to the dorms. "Maybe because they aren't plugged in!" Jess said holding up the unplugged headphone wire. She just rolled her eyes and kept taking about the kid in our charms class. I wasn't interested in what she was saying. "You know Sammy for someone as smart as you, you can be really dumb sometimes" Jess said while tweeting at Jacob. I just rolled my eyes put on my pjs and got in my bed. Ahh how comfy it is. I missed this. The lovely soft warm bed. "Night everyone!" I said. Everyone said their good nights and with that I went to sleep.

I woke up to the sound of my phone alarm. "URGH SAM WHY DID YOU HAVE TO PUT THE ALARM ON!" Lucy a muggle born said. Since there were a lot of girls they decided to split us off into muggle borns in one room and the rest in the other. I was put with the muggle borns because I wanted to and they said yes surprisingly. "I'm sorry. I wanted to wake up for classes early!" I got up out of bed and got ready. I got all my books ready and set off to potions class with Jess. "Students if you would all stand in the corner and I'll place you in the seats I have arranged for you. These seats will be your seats for the rest of the year whether you like it or not" my dad said with his famous tone. "There will be one table that sits three and the rest are just in pairs. Ok so Draco on the left side of the three seated table then Samantha in the middle and Jess on the other side" Dad pointed us to our table and we took a seat. Jess just looked at me with those 'your sitting next to your crush' look. I gave her my famous glare and with that she turned her head. After dad was done seating everyone he told us what we were going to do "Ok so the first task you will complete is to make a brew of the draught of living dead. Now in your table groups get to a cauldron and start brewing. Who ever makes the best potion gets 50 points each to their house." With that we set off for our cauldron.

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