Chapter 1

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Hello everyone, I am going to start to wright my story.

First of all the pictures that I put in media will be made by myself and so elf the stuff will be in a weird direction, because you can see more like that. Just explaining. 😜


Kristy Wu (Your POV)

I woke up as I looked at the time that was hanging in my wall. It was 7:00am meaning that I have 1:00 hour to get ready for school.

I need to make my bed, do my morning routines and all that boring stuff again and again. Today is the day that I will be a senior of Korean National University of Arts, a lot of people from this university have became famous, for example, Kris Wu, who is indeed my brother, the most annoying brother in the whole of the universe. He still goes there because he is still training to became a better and more successful person than he already is, he is in a all-boy group named EXO along with 11 other members, who I have never got to meet. And that is one reason why I hate Kris!

Opps! I have to stop talking about him or else I am going to late for school.

Done! I have done the first thing which is making my bed, now I have to have a shower, brush my teeth and so on. I need to dry my hair and get change, then I am done and I get to eat my breakfast, oh ya~, oh ya~.

'Morning Sweetie' your mum welcomes you with a plate full of, bacon, eggs and two slice of toast and milk to drink.

'Good morning mum', you say whole sitting on your chair.

As you were half way through your breakfast, your brother Kris comes in wearing, a white shirt, black skinny jeans, a black leather jacket and black sneakers.

'Stop staring, will ya?' Kris spoke, which made you snap out of your dream.

'Who said I was staring a at you, Kris?' I replied, as you tried to back up yourself.

'Aw, I know my beautiful sister admires his handsome, hot brother.'

'Aw, thanks for complimenting me, but really you are nothing near hot as other guys in your band. Am I right? and that's probably why you won't introduce them to me!' I say.

'Oh, I see where this is heading, if you really want me to introduce my band mates to you then, meet me and my band mates at lunch today in the secret garden, got it?' asked Kris with a irritated voice.

'Thanks you Kris, I love you! But can I please bring my friends with me? Pretty please?' I asked back.

'Fine! Now let's go to school before we are gonna be late.'

'Ok, I will just get my bag' you replied.

Today, I am wearing my favourite white blouse (sort of see through), your black shorts, a black leather jacket, my white high heel sneakers, a white handbag and last but not least, my sunglasses that Kris and I have as a sister-brother thing.

'Beep, beep' I could hear Kris's car as a signal for me to hurry up.

I sat in the front sit, put my sit-belt on and Kris went off. Today was a nice day but as Kris was zooming through the air with the car roof off, my hair went flying. Kris' car was a red Lexus with no roof(I really don't know about cars, sorry), I can drive but I chose not to as my brother Kris and I go to the same school. If he is going on a date then I just get my driver to bring my car to school.

When we arrived at school people were hugging Lexus(Kris's car 😝) and Kris and I could bear-ly get out of the car. But in the end we managed, a lot of Kris's fan were asking for autographs and they were giving him gifts, while me on the other hand guys were asking me on dates, trying to give me letters and gifts. I hate being will known but there are times when I like being will known.

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