Chapter 9: len's need happiness to..

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Erin's pov:

I walked with jinxx to the meet and greet after there show and ended up having to sit next to Ashley at the table.. yay.. we were sat there and Ashley kind of grabbed my hand holding onto it under the table like kids do in middle school with there boy friends. the difference is the fact that Ashley's not my boyfriend. not anymore. "ashley it's going to take more than a shitty apology that you don't mean, ok?" he sighed and let go of my hand "fine, I'll just wait until you forgive me and I do mean the apologies.." I rolled my eyes and paid attention to the two fans that just walked up, they looked around sixteen but I couldn't be sure as they were both wearing replica war paint, the girl had Jinxxs diamonds around the eyes and Andy's stitches at the side of her mouth she had dark hair and was really pretty around average height to. the guy had jakes full face on and was pretty tall to I guess. "hi what's your name?" ashley asked the girl and she replied with "my names lena, my friends call me Len." I smiled it was a pretty name "what's your boyfriends name?" I asked her and she blushed "oh errm I'm Tristan but me and Lena.. we aren't dating.." he shook his head looking slightly sad and I could see the longing in Lena's eyes. I sighed "how about you wait up for us at the end of the meet and greet and we can hang out? sound good ashley?" I asked them all they nodded and Lena and Tristan continued to got to other people after Ashley signed there stuff. it was a bit awkward with all the fans asking if we were dating, I just flat out said no way we were dating at all never and I think I offended Ashley when I said dating him would be gross cause he's like my family. ashley just kind of looked sad and said tang we weren't together

*****skipping to end of meet and greet*****

We found Lena and Tristan waiting by the bus, we'd told the security guards that they could go through and wait for us to be done with the other fans. "hey Lena! hiya Tristan!" I said loudly as I walked up behind them, I actually saw them jump it was so funny "oh my god don't do that!" Lena said clutching on to Tristan, then she noticed that she was and quickly let go apologising for it. damn this was going to take more than I thought "hey Len why don't you go and hang on the bus while I talk to Tristan." she nodded shyly "I never caught your name!" she shouted over to me as walked a little bit further from the bus "I'm Erin, but my friends call me insane!" I yelled back and heard all the guys laugh and then lena's little giggle in the background "so what did you want to talk to me about?" he asked looking down at his shoes and anxiously rubbing his converse together "I want to talk to you about lena, she seems to really like you." he looked up "yeah I know we're good friends." I shook my head "I mean like, LIKES you." he raised his eyebrows as if he refused to believe it "I can tell that you like her more than a friend, why don't you ask her out already?!" I asked and he shrugged "I'm scared she'd say no I guess.." "don't be, ask her when we get back onto the bus, okay?" I said and he nodded we walked back in silence but it was a comfortable silence no awkwardness there at all. "Lena can I talk to you?" I heard Tristan ask as I grabbed some pj's from my bunk "yeah sure, what about?" I guess he scrapped the idea of talking to her outside cause he just came right out and said "Lena I've liked you for ages, like for so long I can't even remember when I started to, will you be my girlfriend?" I walked out to see Lena looking shocked as if she didn't know what to say, I walked up behind her and whispered into her ear "say yes, Len's need happiness to." she smiled and nodded hugging Tristan tightly as he smiled and mouthed a thank you at me I just smiled back and went to change into pj's..

Ashley's pov:

We were all sat in the bus messing around and laughing but it felt wrong somehow, like this wasn't how me and Erin were supposed to be and I didn't like it not one bit.. it sucks and makes me feel like I want to break stuff, or break down it's not a nice feeling..

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