"Stop it both of you!"

The principal told the two groups who were fighting each other.

"Zitao, Yi Fan! In my office...NOW!!" And the principal stormed out of the field.

'Tch!' And Tao spit out the blood and followed the principal.

"Fuck you!" Kris cursed the guy infront of him.

"So tell me, what's the problem this time?"  The old man asked, but he got none in reply. The two guys sitting infront of him are both pissed off.

"I'll suspend both of you for one week or you're going to tell me everything?"

"Tch! Same old thing old man, we fought about everything! Right Red Fox?"  The guy with  blonde hair said while smirking.

The red-haired guy with a lollipop on his mouth suddenly speaks...

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