"Oh trying to be a gentleman I see ? " I say sarcastically.

He chuckles and we let into the counter.

We order then grab our meals to a table near a corner.

"So Isabel Pine , tell me about yourself..other then the fact that your a good kisser" He grinned before taking a bite of his burger.

"Hmm well , I grew up in Illinois then moved hear with Maire." I explained.

I paused.

"Ivé heard about your mom but nothing about your dad ?" He spoke.

"Um my dad's in Jail." I trailed off trying to cover the emotion rising.

"Oh ." He said looking at me with easy eyes.

"Its okay." I said fake smiling , holding the tears back.

My throat felt heavy at the thought of my Mom, She left me to rot with that bastard.

"But your here now , Happy? right ? " He asked.

"Yeah." I beamed a smile and shrugged.

I changed the subject by asking him the same question in return.

"Well , I've got 5 brothers , My mom's dead. Dad... we see him from time to time." He explained.

I place my eyes all around his face.

"So what got you into fighting ?" I asked.

"Abusive brothers , Drunk dad." He said bluntly.

"Oh Sorry I di-" I hesitated.

"Its okay the brothers grew up and dad gave up drinking." He explained.

John's phone started to ring.

"Yoo?" He spoke with his gruff voice.

"Now ? Damn.. Okay I'll be there." He confirmed.

"Come on ! lets go." He commanded.

"Where we haven't even finished eating?" I reply.

"I've got a fight in 20 minutes ."

" And I'm going too ? " I asked .

"Yes. I need you there." He said grabbing my wrist and leading the way to the exit.

"But I've got other things to do John." I explained raising my voice because he didn't seem to keep up with me.

"Isabel please." He said taking my hand and smelling it .

I couldn't help it .

I agreed and we raced off.

{7 minutes later, Unknown place. (Well at least I didn't know where we were.)

He pulled up and parked his bike in an alley , then helped me down removing my helmet for me.

He then took out a bandage from his pocket and handed it to me.

"Wrap my hands for me." He said sharply.

I took his right hand and grazed my fingers on his hot tanned skin , I worked my way up to his wrist and started

wrapping the offwhite bandage on his hand , feeling every bulging vein I caressed .

Soon I was done and set with both hands.

He grabbed my hand and intertwined them with his . He lead the way to a low basement door .

He opened it .

"I'll jump down then you follow after okay ? " He explained with his soft eyes.

"Wait ! what if I fall? "I questioned.

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