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I pull up to a parking space in Sainsbury's lot.

Got out and made my way to the door feeling the gush of cool air slide through my face.

I passed the food aisle and went over to the cosmetics aisle to look for my razor..Damn bastard, and Maire's contraceptives.

"Thank you have a nice day ." The pharmacists spoke with a wide smile.

I smiled back then headed for the exit .

Definitely botox.

I laughed to my self and then headed to my Charger.

My phone started to ring and I spot "The most sexiest person on Earth." As the name and a picture of John kissing his bicep.

The fuck ? When did this guy nick my phone ?

I slide my finger on the phone.

"Really .. The most sexiest person on Earth? " I spoke sarcastically.

"I'm glad you like it." He torted back, I could picture the smirk on his face.

"Mhhmmm yeah .. what do you want ?" I asked pushing a serious tone although I was smiling .

"Nice smile by the way.." He complimented.

"What the hell ! Wher-" I turn around and catch him behind me leaning on a motorbike.

skinny Nike sweat pants , and a white shirt. His tattoo gleaming out .


"Hey gorgeous. Yes! yes it is."He said pouring that smile out revealing his pink dimples and white pearls.

I try my hardest not to blush but it didnt work.

He grabbed me by the waist .

"You were gone for to long , Im taking you back home." He said pulling me up into his arms.

"I was gone for fifteen minutes ?" I protested.

"I don't care. " He said shrugging and placing me on his motorbike.

He put on a black helmet on me and made sure the strap was tight. The thing was heavy .

"What about you ?" I queried.

"I don't need one." He said as his left lip started to creep up.


The engine roared as he hit the race to heat the engine up.

"Ready?" He asked.

"Where are we going ?"

"You'll see."He answered back.

The engine vibrated against my feet as the wheels started to move.

So much for my charger.

"Don't worry baby I'll come back for you ! " I yell in my head claiming a dramatic scene.

{10 minutes later.}

"McDonalds ? Really ! MacDonalds." I torted.

"Yup." he said helping me out of the bike and taking my helmet off.

I untied my hair from the pin and started to brush it out with my fingers, then pulled it into a messy bun.

He smiled as he watched me.

"Lets see if you can eat as much as you talk." He taunted.

I smirk and he opened the door for me.

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