7 Lives of Sins. Chapter-1

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Nate Fortress, a 16 year old boy from a royal and rich family. He had always been a bright student since he started attending school at the age of 4. He was not only good at his studies but he was also his basketball team's ace player in his high school.

He didn't have a single problem, except for one. Nate was very unsocial. It may seem impossible for such a top-notch person but it was true. The reason was that he always looked down on everyone else and he thought that everyone was inferior to him because Nate had everything any boy of his age would want. Money,fame,good grades,everything.

But all of that changed within just one night.....the night when his power to look down on everyone was taken away from him along with his life.

"Okay, I managed to to get the highest score in the campus." said Nate looking at his report for the 3rd and final year of his high school with the most calm expression he could give. "Now i can apply for that college in Riverwood city." Riverwood elite college of advanced sciences, this was the name of the best college in the country, and the name of the college which Nate was aiming to get admission in. Now Nate had got the appropriate grades to enter the college.

Nate had one, and just one goal. It was to graduate and move to UK where he would study further, get a job with a reasonable pay and settle in the country once and for all.

7 July 2014.

It was the night before Nate had to move to a hostel which was next to the college he would be attending, and it was also his birthday. "Mom! I'm going to the market to grab some stuff, need anything?" Yelled Nate to his mom from the front door of the house. "Nothing dear, but be careful on your way, the news says that a serial killer is on the loose around these areas". "Don't worry mom, it's not like i'm gonna die or anything, i just have to get some toothpaste from the store and then i'll come back". Those were the last words Nate had said to his family.

Nate was on his way back from the store that same night. He was now walking on a completely deserted street accompanied by no-one except for the chilly breeze. *Tap tap tap* Nate heard the sound of fast moving footsteps. *Tap tap tap tap* he heard as the footsteps were getting faster and closer towards him. *TAP TAP TAP* the sound got heavier, Nate didn't have any idea of what was happening but his instincts told him to run. To run as fast as possible to get far away from the footsteps, and so he did, he ran in lightning speed.

Nate was not too worried now, he had a lot of stamina and he could run at his top speed for a good amount of time. "Okay.....looks like i lost him.......whatever he was..." Said Nate, panting.

But, the instant Nate thought he was safe and was about to head back home......he was caught from behind and stabbed from the back.....

Nate could see the knife which had pierced open his stomach poking out of his body. He watched in horror with the little bit of consciousness he had left as the unknown person pulled the knife out of Nate's body. Blood, Nate was covered with blood as he fell on the street.

Nate was bleeding to death. There was no one in sight. He was completely alone with the killer standing next to him. Right there and then.....Nate lost his consciousness.....and everything went black.

A bright light. Nate could see a bright light in the darkness. He was relieved, he thought that he had died, just as he approached the light....the scene changed. There he was, standing in the front gate of his high school in his high school uniform.

"What am i doing here?" said Nate. Nate felt his stomach trying to feel the wound, but it wasn't there, the wound had somehow disappeared. "Welcome" said an unfamiliar voice behind Nate. Nate turned around and he saw a tall,thin man with long blonde hair in a golden full body armour with huge white and feathery wings from his back. "Dude, you cosplaying or something?" Said Nate. "I am not, my name is Nexus, and i am the angel of life. I know you will not believe me so easily, but i am the one who brought you back to life after you were killed by a serial killer on the night of the 7th of July". "Killed? So i really did die?" Asked Nate. "Yes" said Nexus. "So i died on my birthday? Wow, thats ironic..." said Nate.

"You have been given another chance in life, or should i say.....7 chances......i believe you have many questions in mind for me, and i shall answer every one of them"said Nexus, with a light smile on his face......


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