4. Beware Of Dogs!

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"Someday because of you I have to visit jail also Aryan! I don't understand to meet your girl of dreams..I am the one getting into trouble." whispered Rushabh.

Aryan planned a beautiful date for Meera in the hostel. But as he couldnot do it alone he brought Rushabh along with him. "Please stop it Rush. I will help you when you have to impress my sister. Now we have to climb this wall. So be ready." Rushabh gave a wide eye look. "Are you nuts? I am not gonna climb a wall..what if I fall and break my bones?" Aryan said, "If you dont climb the wall I will break your bones..and we don't have any other way. So stop crying and jump with me."

They jumped onto the other side and started searching Meera's room. Aryan saw a girl combing her hairs..and he was sure it was Meera. He felt the same law of Bollywood attraction as he felt near the counter. He signalled Rushabh to bring the bag he bought along. Aryan took out the roses and started tearing off the petals.

When all the arrangements were done he knocked on the room's door. And as soon as she opened the door and stepped outside Aryan showered roses on her head.

Meera saw Aryan and her jaw dropped. "Arrryaaan??? If warden finds you here she'll kill us both. Now don't say a word and come inside." Meera said and dragged Aryan inside.

Aryan signalled Rushabh to come inside. "Meera this is Rushabh my childhood friend." Meera said,"What' wrong with you? This is a hostel and if someone finds me with you then they'll kick me out! What are you doing here?"

Aryan said," Meera shhh. You couldnot come out for a date. So I thought a date in hostel would be great."

Meera was stunned. She never experienced so much love and fear at the same time. She said," Do whatever you want..but please beware."

Rushabh arranged all the dishes and kept the parcel of food they had brought along.

Then he went to a corner and sat there so he cannot interrupt Aryan and Meera.

Aryan gave Meera bunch of roses and knelt down on his knees..and said," Meera, I know I met you just today. But one day was enough to fall crazily in love with you. Will you give me the extrordinary chance to be your life partner?"

Meera was surprised. She knew this had been coming but not so soon. A tear drop was around the corner of her eye and she hugged Aryan and said "Yes."

They both hugged each other for a long time.

As Aryan and Rushabh were about to leave, Meera planted a small kiss on Aryan's cheek.

Aryan's dream came true. He had been waiting for a girl like Meera forever and now when he got her..he couldn't control himself.

But suddenly, Aryan and Rushabh were leaving the hostel, two dogs came barking at them.

Rushabh was scared and he started climbing the wall..Aryan was scared too but he managed to climb on the right time. "Aryan you! Because of you today maybe I would have got 14 stitches." Rushabh screamed.

"Whatever it is! Meera is all mine!"

And they both celebrated that day by dancing on the empty roads.

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