Joe Sugg holiday with me

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I Remember that Day

I still remember the day we meet at vidcon.i was about to go to my meet up when i ran into him. literally ran into him. he fell on top of me, i must have gone bright red too. thinking about it now gives me shivers up my spine. he went rad to it was so cute, he helped me up then apologized repeatedly.

"I'm soo sorry about that, I'm Joe by the way" he blushed

"its all good I'm Sarah but everyone calls me Sezza or Sez and i know how you are your my favourite you-tuber" i smiled not even realizing that last bit slipped out.

"aww really thank you" he blushed" can i get a hug and maybe your number"

"of course"

we both hugged. i never realized till now that we were the same height and in like 6 or 7 years younger. but that makes it cute. i remember when i was giving him my number i was so cough up in what just happened i almost forgot my own number. after that i went to my meet up and when that was over i went back to my hotel room and checked my phone, Joe had texted me

Joe: hey i haven't been able to stop thinking about you and how stupid i must have looked when i fell ^^" so i was wondering do you want to catch up or something

at this point i was fangirling so mush in side. my FAVOURITE you-tuber my YOUTUBER CRUSH was asking ME out.

me: yeah of course do you want to come bye my hotel room or something.

Joe: yes

did i just say that is this happening

Me: on the 8th floor room 13 :)

Joe: be up in 10

i remember having a mini panic attack. I'm all sweaty and smelly from the meet up my hair has gone all funny my make up has smudged. after a few minuets of panicking i had a shower. and that made me relax a little, a little to much, i looked at the clock (for some reason there was a clock in the bathroom) there was only a minuet till Joe showed up. I quickly rinsed my hair and got out the shower. i just wrapped myself in a towel. then there was a knock at the door and i started panicking again.

"I'm really sorry but could you hang on one second" I yelled in panic

I really quickly put on some leggings and a baggy jumper because that was the only things in reach. i opened the door and Joe was standing there with flowers, and his perfect smile. he handed me the flowers.

"i am reeeeealy sorry about before, so lets start over you know what i mean"

" but i think its cute how we meet unique if you know what i mean"

"you do have a point"

"oh sorry come in please"

we walked in to my room and i put the flowers in a glass because hotels don't provide flower vases.

"you look quite cute in that"

"aww thanks you look cute and adorable all the time till you shirt comes off then you friken sexy!"

he blushed a little and looked at the ground i swore i could of melted then and there. i sat with him on the bed.i hugged him. almost freaked out but i did it. he hugged me back. i melted and fangirled in the inside of cores.

"your hair is wet did you just have a shower"

"yeah i was all icky from the meet up"

"sorry did i hurry you out the shower"

"no i was out the shower i just wasn't dressed or had done my hair"

"well you look fine"

we spoke for ages just getting to know each other like what we do what we like and stuff like that. we talked fro ages till it was time for dinner and Joe asked me out to dinner.

"but i need to get changed"

"ill wait if you get changed in the bath room"


i went and got changed into my nice skinny jeans converses and a nice white shirt with a print acroos the chest. my hair was dry so i brushed it and left it down. then did some eye make up and i was ready.

"you look amazing"

"aww thanks"

we took a taxi to this little cafe it was really nice we talked and ate joe was kind enough to pay for my meal.but i remembered we argued about that at first. after dinner we went back to the hotel joe held my hand and walked me to my room

"thanks for dinner joe"

"it was my pleasure"

then he kissed me on the cheak and left.

i remeber we sent the rest of vidcon together. and when we were at the air port about to leave on diffrerent planes joe kissed me infront of all the fans and everyone awwwwed and screamed. my first kiss at my first vidcon. ever since then we called texted skyped and snapchated eachother.

joe just texted my now actually

Joe: hey its your birthday next week right"


Joe:well happy birthday I'm coming to Australia

Me:OMG YAAAAAAAAY ill be you personal tour guide ;)

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