The kiss lasted about 5 minutes. Charlie let go of your shoulders and took your hands off his cheeks and decided to connect your hands together. You both released and Charlie looked into your eyes again. All you could think of was just Charlie in general. You missed him. A lot. But what about Leondre? You'll take a break from Leondre but still be friends with him. You and Charlie decided to walk back to Blairs hand in hand.

"I know this sounds a bit cringey but that was my first kiss in the rain" Charlie said.

"Same, I'm glad I had it with you." You said. Charlie looked at you. You placed your free hand over your mouth.

"I wasn't suppost to say the last bit." You muffled. Charlie laughed.

"Don't worry, I was waiting till we was out together in the rain when we was dating to kiss you in the rain...but then we broke up" Charlie said. You looked at Charlie again.

"Charlie?" You asked. You was going to ask if you was dating again but you didn't.

"Yeah?" Charlie replied.

"Don't worry, I forgot" you lied. Charlie nodded and he slipped behind you and held you by the waist. You was walking like that for about 2 minutes then Charlie saw a puddle. Charlie picked you up.

"Charlie don't!" You laughed. You knew what he was going to do. Charlie walked up too the puddle and dropped you into the puddle. The water splashed up onto your jeans. You looked down and notice there was a lot water splashed up on your jeans. You looked up and noticed Charlie laughing. You kicked the water and splashed Charlie. Charlie stopped laughing and he looked down with his mouth open.

"I'm going to get you back!" Charlie said laughing and started to run after you. You ran before Charlie could splash you.

You ran in front of Blairs house. There was a massive puddle on the path. You knocked on the door before Charlie got there. Then Charlie came down the path and stopped at the puddle and looked at and looked up at you and smirked.

"Charlie! Don't! It's massive!" You said out of breathe. Charlie kicked the puddle and Leondre opened the door and it got you and Leondre wet.

"Charlie!" Leondre exclaimed. You turned and you saw Leondre soaked. You and Charlie started to snicker.

"It's not funny!" Leondre said and went upstairs and left the door open. You and Charlie walked in and Charlie wrapped his arms round you. You turned and Charlie went in for a kiss.

"Charlie not here, what if someone sees" you whispered. Charlie looked at you.

"Oh yeah, sorry but I wanna kiss you so much. I missed you." Charlie whispered back. You both smiled at eachother and Charlie went upstairs.

"Charlie wait." You said. Charlie turned and he saw you holding his jacket. He came down the stairs and took his jacket off of you and pecked you on the cheek you blushed as you watched him go up the stairs. You walked into the living room and saw Alexandra and Blair sorting out something.

"What you doing?" You asked. You saw Alexandra jump and she turned to you.

"Don't scare me like that!" Alexandra said. She looked at you up and down.

"Why are you drenched?" Alexandra asked.

"Oh, me and Charlie sort of had a puddle fight." You said awkwardly. Charlie entered the living room. You watched him enter.

"Yeah, it was actually really funny" Charlie chuckled. You smiled and turned back to Alexandra.

"Blair what you doing?" Charlie asked. Blair looked at Charlie and turned back to what he was doing.

"Me, Alexandra and Leo were randomly talking about Wiis and Leo mentioned that I had one and I completely forgot about it so we decided to set it up." Blair said. Leondre came in.

"Thanks Charlie by the way" Leondre said.

"For what?" Charlie asked. Leondre looked at Charlie sacastically.

"For getting me wet" Leondre said.

"I'm going to unpack my bag" you said and headed upstairs. You went into yours and Alexandra's room and noticed Charlie's jacket was on your bed. You walked up to your bed and noticed that there was a note also with Charlie's jacket. You picked up the note and the note said:

I love you

~ Charlie x

You placed the note under your pillow and hung Charlie's jacket up behind the door. You got changed into your pjs on and walked into the bathroom and started to take your make up off. There was a knock on the door.

"Come in" You said and the door opened. Charlie entered and came and went into the bathroom where you was. You felt someone wrap their arms round you and rest their head in your shoulder.

"You don't need make up princess you look beautiful without it" Charlie whispered. You turned to Charlie and smiled at him. You looked into eachother eyes and Charlie took you out of the bathroom and you both fell on your bed. You were still looking into each others eyes then Charlie kissed you. You kissed back. You wanted to stay like it forever.

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