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Chapter 1:

It's my first day in school so i'm very excited so I ate my breakfast, take a shower and change so since i'm a little bit rich i had a car and i immediatly went to my school since i'm an old student i had a lot of friends and when i got in they suprised me and they told me that there's newbies i said really? and my friend said and they're actually 5 seconds of summer i said what? then the bell rings we all went to our proper classrooms then 5 seconds of summer went inside and they looked at me then sat down at my back.

Luke: hey!

I said: what?

Luke:hi what's your name?

I said:Gwen

Luke: well hi Gwen then the professor went inside then we stopped talking then we greeted him and our professor started discussing and i actually answered all the questions and 5sos was actually amazed on me after that we had our lunch break and me and my friends are talking about them.

Brenda: Hey! Gwen i saw you blushed a while ago huh...

i said :no! i don't! while we're talking about them they came in and they actually went in front of me then suddenly i felt cold

Calum: Hey ammm..Gwen amm...congratulations we didn't expect that your very smart

i said: thank you

*they smiled*

and buy some food in the canteen

*skip the lessons*

(it's dismissal time)

me and my friends went to my car and lie down i got my headphones on while reading my book then while my friends are talking about 5sos the lad's are actually starring at me...and that made me felt a little bit awkward that time.

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