1 Day Challenge

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(One Shot Story)

I am Euriz Tan.. I have a girlfriend for almost four (4) years. Her name is Sheila Flores. She calls me "Riz" as my nickname.

One night....

while we are sitting on the beach side near to their house...


Sheila's head is on my shoulder as she calls my name.

"Yes my dear?"

"Are you tired? Napapagod na ba ang balikat mo?"

"Of course I'm not tired. How I wish that we'll always together like this."

"You really love me. Do you?"

"Yes. I am.. and I will always love you till I die."

"D-- die?"


"Ahm. By the way Riz, I have a challenge for you."

"Para sa akin? Challenge? For what?"

"This was so easy Riz. Just live a day, just one (1) day without me."

"Oh no.. I will not do that thing."

"If you passed my challenge. I will love you forevermore."

"I told you I can't."

"You can.. it's just for 1 day. Don't text me, don't think of me.. and never try to see me."

"I know that even if I'll didn't do that challenge, you still love me more than forevermore."

"Please.. accept this challenge."

"Arghh. Ok I'm accepting the challenge. But take note of this and remember! Never ever think that I doesn't love you if I'm not texted you the whole day.. don't forget that it's the rule of the challenge."

"Of course I know that. Thank you for accepting my challenge."

"If this makes you happy. I will."

Sunday, September 03,2012

Sheila gave me a one (1) day challenge without her. No communication at all for a day.. how could I do this?

But for her happiness.. I accepted the challenge.

It's Sunday at nakasanayan na naming magsimba ng maaga..

So I go to church alone.. hoping that she's there too and we could see each other. Pero wala siya, I didn't saw any shadow of her.

I think she's really serious with this challenge.

I didn't text or call her the whole day even I'm tempted to do it.. I attempt to go on their house to see her but I didn't.

I just read magazines, watch a programs and even dramas on tv. I played games, guitar etc.

The whole day.. I am thinking why Sheila did this to me? Why did she allow me to live without her for a day..

Naisip ko tuloy na nasasakal na siya sa akin or kaya naman nagsasawa na siya sa pagmumuka ko kasi we're always together..

The next day I woke up..


Good Day! My dear. :) I miss you. Siguro you did this para mamiss kita ng sobra.. at oo! I miss you so much. Wait me there.. See you in a bit. :*

Sent to Sheila <3

I texted her. I'm so excited to see her. :)

Knock! Knock!


Instead of seeing Sheila opens their door.. Her mom who opens it.

"Tita.. Where's Sheila?"

Her mom looks depressed and sad. What happen to her mom?

"Go to her room."

I felt scared when Sheila's mom ordered me to go to Sheila's room..

There's something wrong with this..

When I reached Sheila's room.. I open it slowly, as I enter her room.. I saw her lying on her bed.

She's still sleeping, I watch her sleeping for a minutes..

" I did it my dear.. ^_^ I did your challenge, so it means you'll love me forevermore. Paggising mo diyan, magsstart na yung premyo kong Sheila's forever love. " :)

I say to her while she's sleeping..

Her mom enters the room too... so I told her mom

"Tita .. She's still sleeping, I'll be back later."

"Don't be back.. Sheila was so happy that she have you in her life."

"Tita ganoon din po ako.. Happy is not enough to describe how much happiness I have when she's beside me."

I smiled to Sheila's mom.. but I saw her start crying.. when Tita's tears start falling on her face..

I felt my energy was getting lower.. my heart beats slower

Tita gave me a piece of paper with the writings of Sheila...

"That letter is for you.. My daughter said that, I give it to you when you come back."

I open the letter stating her words..

Dear Riz,

You did it Riz! You did it! I know you can do it. I know you'll be back here and say "I did it my dear!". My promise to love you forevermore is already granted. I have my one last request to you Riz.. The one day challenge.. Please do it everyday, do it everyday. Live a day without me. I love you more than forevermore granted.

♡ Love Sheila

I cried after I finish reading her letter.. I hug her and pleasing her to wake up..

"Sheila no! wake up! No please Sheila! Wake up!"

Sheila's mom explained everything.

"6 months ago.. Her doctor diagnosed that she has a stage 4 cancer.. She's not that strong to face the trials and she didn't take her illness seriously. She told me to forget about her cancer and never tell it to you and to others. Kinalimutan niyang mahina na siya at hindi niya na ginustong lumaban.. Iho, para sayo.. she became brave for almost 4 months.. when she diagnosed the doctor said that she'll last not exceed to 2 months.. but her life extent for almost 6 months. Last time I check she's fine and looks healthy but inside she's suffering.. I called her doctor and told us that she has only 24 hours left.. She's dying. Ayaw kang mahirapan ng anak ko kaya gusto ka niyang mabuhay ng wala siya.. You're still young Euriz,"

She's gone.. she wants me to live without her.. that is! it is the challenge that she gave to me as a foundation for my starting.. :'(

She is still in my heart and mind forever.. Sheila!


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