On the line.

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I look at my phone and see it's Friday. Today's the day I thought to myself. I cannot wait to see her. I felt something licking my toes and realise it's Oliver, so I jump out of bed to give him a big snuggle. Id forgotten whether Taylor had any pets. After I've been to let him out in the garden, I go to my wardrobe and try to find something to wear; not too casual but not too dressy. I pull out a black dress and stick it on, I can't remember when I last wore it, but it's smart but not too smart. I go downstairs to let Oliver back in, and pour myself a coffee. Once it had cooled down a bit, I went to drink it. Oliver being the excited dog he is runs behind me and knocks me forward. That's this dress covered in coffee.

I go upstairs to change my outfit, and realise it's 11 O clock. I'm supposed to be meeting Taylor in 2 hours, and it takes at least 45 minutes to get to her house. I throw on a pair of my black ripped skinny jeans with my acdc top and a plaid shirt. I curl my hair a little and don't bother putting any makeup on. It's only Taylor I don't need to look so fancy for her. She should love me natural. Like I do with her.

Once I'm finished getting ready, I decide to leave and pick a Starbucks up. I make it to Tays house 5 minutes early. I knock on her door and scream 'TAYLORRRRR' then hug her. She looked adorable in her sweater with her 60s hairstyle. We chat and have a cup of tea (hopefully this won't be spilt down me). Never have I been comfortable around someone I've not seen for so long.

She asks what we should eat, and the first thing I think of is omelettes and salad. I know I won't feel guilty after eating this and I hope Taylor doesn't mind eating this too. She made everything herself and it was so cute watching her in the kitchen making everything whilst I sat on the sofa trying to stop myself laughing when all the pans fall out her cupboard.

As we where eating, her cat Meredith snook behind me, nearly giving me a heart attack. She was so cute though and when id finished my dinner I petted her and took a couple of selfies with her.

Once Tay had finished hers we sat on the sofa, talking about Wilmer. She kept asking questions but I didn't really want to talk about him so I pointed out some of her artwork which she said she painted herself. How talented can one girl be?! I was staring at Taylor, how perfect she was and how happy and healthy she was.

I didn't know how long we had sat there laughing and chatting but she pulled a bottle of wine out the fridge and poured two glasses. As she sat drinking hers, I contemplated whether two break my two years sober for this girl I think I had a crush on. Ed sheerans album was playing, so I put the glass down (without drinking any) and mentioned how we were planning to collab. I told her how I've already sang 'give me love' with him and she was so happy for me! By this point, Taylor had finished her wine and poured another, I hasn't even touched my first. We got up dancing and singing along to 'sing'. We were having so much fun and laughing and I didn't want this to end. She didn't even realise I hadn't had any wine, which made me feel better that she wouldn't question me about it.

In the middle of give me love, there was a knock at the door, and Taylor ran over to answer it. I sat there on the sofa, knowing who it would be. Wilmer.

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