Not a DATE.

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>>Jin-hee's P.O.V<<

so we entered at Jungkook's car..we're so silent,if there were a cricket..that sound is all we can hear inside..

"Where are we going?"i finally spoke

"Uhhmm,somewhere down the road~~..haha"He laughed

"Hehehe "I laughed along..

"Uhhmm,We could take an early dinner.."He suggested

"Well,yea we could."I agreed

After 5 minutes,we arrived to our distination.

"Here we are!"Jungkook said

"Yaaaeeyyy!!"I said .as we entered the restaurant

We sat at the dining table and order some dishes..

"Good evening,Ma'am,Sir..What is your order..?"The waiter said.

"Uhhh,we'll order your specialty here at your restaurant."Jungkook said..

"Is that only you'll order?"The waiter asked

"Yes."Jungkook said

"Jungkook,this not a date,right?"I spoke

"Yea,this is not a date!"He said

We talked about random stuffs..etc.

"So,why you moved to our dorm??"He asked curiously

"Well,uhhm ,because my brother did not pay the rent,so I'd to stay at my unc-"I said as the waiter interrupted.

"Ma'am,Sir here's your dinner,enjoy!"The waiter said

"So,let's eat!?"Jungkook suggested

"Yea sure!"I said

after we ate..

"Yah,oppa! let's take a selfie!"I said

"Yea sure!!"He said

Tsssukk! the camera sounded

"Yea,I'm gonna post this at my instagram! '#ADinnerWithJungkook' "I said while looking at our picture

"Heehehhe"He said while looking at our picture..

"Sir,here's your bill.."The waiter said.

"Jungkook,i can pay the bill!"I suggested

"No,let me pay this."he said

"No,i insist i'll pay.."I said

"Remember,it's my treat!"He said while smirking

"Yea..thanks opppa!!"I said

"You're welcome Jee!"He said..

Then we went back to the car to come home..

"Oppa,once again thanks for the treat! i owe you."I said

"You're welcome,you don't have to pay me back,you know it's my treat."He said

I smiled,then he smiled either.

{End Of Chapter}

Hey guys! Long time no update! hehe sorry for the late update,cause Im busy studying for our first periodical test..i dont have time to update..mianhamnida..

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