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CHAPTER SEVENTEEN:                Novel Intuition 

            After that chilling confrontation, we stop at the Paseo, he forces me to change clothes and I comply after several attempts of pissing him off. I stare at my reflection at the wall mirror. I looked sticky because of the dampness on my skin and face. I put on loose power and lip gloss. After five minutes, I stepped out of the rest room, feeling somehow fresh due to my loose white shirt and some minimal make up, after a left turn; there he leans by his car, talking to this blond lady who I think is older than me by some years. I watched them talking animatedly to each other, he smiles his handsome smile, damn him, why was he so hot... I eye the girl who's wearing a fitted jersey, I just hope she wears at least a micro mini shorts, suddenly, there's the thumping inside my ears... As she leans closer to whisper something in his ears, the thumping started to go wilder. He leans his face down as well to hear what she is whispering, the thumping goes wilder and wilder and I knew by that moment my cheeks are red as ever. I started taking steps nearer, never leaving my eyes to them. She slaps him by his shoulder while he laughs carefree at her.

            I made my existence by starring at them; the girl is at hands reach.

            "Shall we go, BABE?" with full emphasis on the endearment, they both turn their heads to the fuming me. He raised me an eyebrow while she eyes me, in her most slutty way.


            He untangled his crossed arms over his chest and stride towards me, I am blushing, I can feel the heat on my skin. As he close the distance between us, I don't know if it is because of my sudden mood swing or the way he stares at me that calms my still thumping heart.

            As he stood a span away from me, his minty breathe fans my skin which makes an abnormal reaction to it. He then reaches his hand to hold mine, and there it is. That very cliché feeling that I only used to read on books, that tingling static between the two of you, though I'm not sure if he feels the same as I feel, as his thumbs brush my now cold knuckles, it explode again. My body temperature is playing with hot to cold then back.

            His eyes are sensual and somehow, there's a feeling inside me that is now starting to blossom, I hate to admit it but I am warmly welcoming this foreign feeling. I stood there without taking my gaze off his gray eyes, and he does the same. After some time, I catch glimpse of the dame he's been talking to, she eyes me furiously, I stare back to the handsome man in front of me,

            "Are you done with her?" I made it audible enough for her to hear, he glance her way and back to me, know he stood beside me, wrapping an arm on my waist, which honestly made me jump, and said,

            "Let's go Babe." Without even saying goodbye to the girl who almost broke to tears. He's such a player.

            He opened the door for me and I slide to the seat next to his. I swallowed the lump that has been forming at my throat, as he went to his side, the girl grabbed him by the arm, 'how pathetic of her' I whispered inwardly, of course I don't feel sorry for her because at the first place, she must know he's been just flirting. Poor girl.

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