Chapter 1: Wait- WHAT?!

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Jade's POV

"Beep beep! Beep beep!"

I slammed my palm onto the button and sat up yawning.

"Jade! Are you up yet?"

"I'm up, mom!"

I got off my bed and washed my face, brushed my teeth and made my hair.

I changed into a pair of jeans, a gray shirt that said 'Don't go with the flow', a cross necklace and a black heels with shoe laces. I got my macbook and placed it into my bag. I grabbed my phone and walked downstairs.

"Hey, mom!"

I greeted and sat down, I ate my pancakes and checked the time.

"Bye mom! Bye dad!"

"Bye sweetie! Be home as soon as possible!"

I grabbed my keys and opened my car's door, getting it, shutting the door tight and starting the engine.

"Thank god for dad buying this for me. I so don't regret pretending to be a Good Girl."

Well, let me get this straight...

My name is Jade Foster and I'm the typical Good Girl, well... not really.

I secretly am a Bad Girl. I LOVE to vandalize walls, it makes me feel... free. I take things like those pendant of pentagrams, they look so cool! And some sneakers too. Even games for my macbook!

And I drove to school.


-At School-

I rushed to my locker and opened it, grabbing my books out. I leaned next to the open locker and looked up my schedule that was uploaded on my school's website.


I sighed and put my phone back-


I jumped and felt my heart skipped a beat. Who was that sick, son of a- Oh.

Jackson Winston.

"What do you want, Winston?"


"What the fuck do you mean NOTHING?!"

I did an outburst. I clamped my mouth shut and just pushed him off, got my books from my locker and this time, I slammed it shut and stormed off to my class.

Did I tell you that I had a short-temper? Yeah, I just let you guys experience it.

Jackson's POV

Sheesh. What's up with Foster there?

I just chuckled at her behavior. Forgot she had a short-temper.

"Dang, who knew Goody-Two-Shoes could be like that?"

I shrugged, and walked off with the boys.

I really, really never wanted to be like this.

Let me explain...

The name's Jackson Winston and I'm a typical Bad Boy, well not really!

I may act like a Bad Boy, but I kind of just...

secretly be a Good Boy. Laugh now if you wish.

The bell rang and the gang decides to ditch it for like 30 minutes.

"Come on, Jack, let's go!"

I turned and went off with the guys.

Jade's POV

I sat in class, next to the window, somewhere in the middle and I was taking notes while I was listening to music at one side. I sighed, resting my back on the chair. Dang, I'm so fucking tired.

Listening to River Flows in You played by Yiruma.

Hmmm, hmmmm, hmmmmmmm...


What's with the slamming of stuff today?

Oh and look! It's Winston and his gang.

"Mr Winston, please explain why you are late."

"Just lost track of time."

"You're 45 minutes late."

He just shrugged and went to an empty seat.

Next to me. Yay... note the sarcasm.

I glanced over at him from the corner of my eyes and he looked bored, and spotted me looking at me and winked. I rolled my eyes.


I continued to take down notes while listening to my music.

-15 Minutes Later-


And English was over!

I got up, kept my notebook along with my other stuff, and started to walk out the classroom, and noticing Winston getting yelled at for being late. Serves him right!

"Detention after school for 45 minutes."


I snickered and left class and went to check which was my next class.


I got my Chemistry books and started to head towards my class.

"Jade Foster and Jackson Winston, please head to the Student Council, we have some words to say."

I froze when I heard my name. Everyone looked over at me and I was in so much shock, I stayed there for like 5 seconds till someone snapped me out of my trance.

"Come on, Foster. Don't want to keep Student Council waiting, do you?"

Ugh, I hate you Winston. So much.

I walked with him to the Student Council's little office. And I knocked.


I inhaled deeply and slowly opened the door and stepped in.

"You... called me and Winston?"

"Yes, sit down."

We did as we were told. My heart was beating so fast. Did they find out my secret?!

"Miss Foster, do not worry. you are not in any trouble."

I sighed in relieve.

"And what about me, Prez?"

"Mr Winston, your grades are very low. So, Miss Foster here, will tutor you."

My eyes widen.

"Wait- WHAT?!"

"Miss Foster will choose the timing, days, and venue. You may now leave."

"Hold on, I can't-! But I-! Forget it."

I said, frustrated. I stormed out the Council Room and off to my next class.


So far, I love this plot.

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