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-ninas pov!!!




"come on brooke, yo can do this" i squeze my cousins hand as she pushes and screams. she has been in labour for about 7 hours now and the time has come that she gets to see her beautiful princess, all she needs to do now is push and push..

" your nearly there, just one more big push" the doctor says to brooke and she tries and it works. the head comes out followed by the body. this is amazing her baby is beautiful.

"omg i did it" brooke says and starts to cry of joy. i take photos while she holds her for the first time. this is soo cute man. "im soo proud of you brooke"i tell her and kiss her on the forehead.. 

"here nina hold her"brooke tells me and smiles. omg yess my beauiful niece. "take some photos" i tell brooke and hand her my phone and grab the baby. "hello little?" i say and realize she doesnt have a name and look at brooke and she opens her mouth to speak..

"georgie. little georgie" brooke says and this is just the best day of my life. "little georgie, im nina you favourite auntie okay." i tell the baby and brooke laughs. she looks so worn out from giving birth but shes soo happy.

when i give georgie back to her mum. my parents walk in with flowers and gifts. "congrats" my mum says and hugs brooke. then my dad does the same. 

"thank you.. so who wants to hold her first" brooke says and looks at my parents then my dad says"ladies first" looks like its my mums turn..

"im going to the canteen. do any of you want anything?" my father says and brooke speaks up and asks for water.

"her name is georgie" brooke says to my mum. and she just smiles at the baby.

"im soo happy for you brooke. ill be here with you every step of the way okay" my mum says to brooke and she lights up.


i had to leave the hospital so i could get some sleep. i havent sleept for 24 hours im dead. im at home right now just woke up. its 9pm and my parents got home just now  with brooke and the baby. she got to leave early thats good.

i miss my old house, staying here just feels soo different. i feel young again. and my birthday is tomorrow... no i have been dreading this day for so long i dont want to become older. 

i get up from bed and walk into the lounge room where my mum is holdding the baby. brooke isnt in the room , shes probaly gone to sleep. 

"is she just adorable"my mum asks me and  i just nod and smile while isit next to her. i just stare at the beautiful baby. i can believe that she is actually here.

"im going to let you hold her since your leaving tomorrow"  my mother says and hands me the baby. shes sleeping right now. i take a photo on snapchat and send it to everyone saying 'welcome to the family' 

i cant wait to see zayn. its been forever. and we havent spoke once since he dropped me off. i miss him so much. aghh man.


sorry for a shit and short chapter just couldnt think of what to write <3

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