Ally's POV

"What happened, I just saw you and Erik kissing live on TV may I add and now I am picking you up at Neymar's?!"

Lisa is completely excited, glancing at me with her wide blue eyes and trying to steer the car at once.

"Erik kind of made moves on me-"

"I've seen that." she interrupts me immediately, barely concentrated on the street.

"Then I ran away crying and-"

"They also showed that on TV!" Lisa cuts me off again.

"Can you please just listen to me?" I beg and my friend nods apologetically.

"I completely lost my mind and just ran down some streets and found myself infront of Neymar's appartment, he opens the door as I was pretty loud, then he tried to calm me down, kissed me and admited that he likes me a lot and-"

"NEYMAR ADMITS THAT HE LIKES YOU A LOT?! THIS IS A BETTER LOVESTORY THAN TWILIGHT!" Lisa squeals and almost forgets to pay attention on the street.

"Calm down girl!" I chuckle lightly and continue, "He listed habits of mine and some things he realized about me and I was flashed, didn't know what to do and left quickly."

"Wow," Lisa says, having a huge grin on her face, "but what do you feel for him?"

"That's the problem, I really don't know."

Lisa groans and drives into the parking lot which belongs to my appartment.

"I mean, I do feel something when I kiss him but I don't know if I really love him." I sigh and turn around to face Lisa.

She seems to be deep in thoughts before she speaks up again.

"I think it's worth a try, you've kissed him a couple of times lately and you did that without being forced."

I nod in agreement and open the car door to get out. The whole street is drowned in silence; not a single window with light burning behind it is to be seen, not a single cat which is crossing the road, absolutely nothing. I inhale the cold night air, feeling kind of relaxed and relieved.

"Maybe you should talk to Marc about it," Lisa thinks out loud, "he knows you and Neymar well."

"I think I will have to do that." I mumble and guide Lisa into the house, suddenly feeling extremely exhausted and tired again.


*about a week later*

Marc's POV

"Man, what are your plans for tonight? We could do a Fifa night if you want!" Alexis suggests, kicking a ball in the air and catching it with both of his hands again.

"Sounds great, just us two or maybe some of the others too?" I ask, actually not being up for playstation but for some distraction.

The boys keep telling me that I've changed a lot since Melissa is gone, in a bad way. I am to negative in their eyes, I am just sitting home alone doing nothing.

"I will ask the others too!" Alexis replies happily and turns around.


I hear a few of them agree but I don't really pay attention on who exactly it is, my thoughts wander to Ally, I haven't heard of her in a while. She was all over the media because some German defender also known as her ex boyfriend kissed her. I bet her management wasn't so glad about that, she probably got herself into a lot of trouble. Neymar told us yesterday that she will show up today but I didn't ask him about his reaction to the kiss, it's just way too risky.

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