Its Tonight

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Maya Pov

I grab Evan as Caleb shoves him into the room "Aunt Maya?" Evan asks softly before hiding his face In my stomach because he's short for his age, Melody was asleep on the bed "Stark, get here and make sure they don't leave" Caleb says angrily, Kaiden walks in and Caleb shuts the door, I hear it lock as I pick Evan up onto the bed next to Melody.

"Get some sleep" I said an kissed his forehead, he closed his eyes an soon started softly snoring as I walk towards Kaiden, I grab his hand and drag him into the bathroom, I shut the door an lock it "he wants to kill you and them" He says pained "well he ain't gonna" I said grabbing his arm, I lift his sleeve to see my bite mark left a scar, oops.

I pull it back down, Kaiden stared at me as I check his shoulder to see my mark was still a gross red colour "its happening tonight" He says softly as tears formed in his eyes "I guess we shouldn't waste this time then" I said cheekily before roughly kissing him, Kaiden picks me up onto the bench as we move in sinc, we kiss hungrily as I kick my shoes off.

He pulls away an pulls his shirt off "wait for a second" I said amused jumping down, he frowns until I pull my shirt off then my bra then my jeans & underwear. Kaiden's eyes scanned my body before I was lifted back up and kissed lustfully, Kaiden pulls his shorts & boxers down and grabs my ass as he picks me up off the bench and against the wall as he grinds against me.

I moan breathing against his neck, I gasp in pain as he roughly bites my shoulder, I felt pleasure run throughout my body as he grinds harder until he cums and breaths heavily against my neck as he licks over the bite while rubbing my legs & sides as I tangle my fingers in his hair "I love you" He says kissing me "I love you" I murmur against his lips.

Melody Pov

I wake up hearing a bang in the bathroom then another one, oh my god that is disgusting I thought disgusted as I realise what my Aunt & that guy were doing, Evan was asleep next to me. I sit up rubbing my eyes "Melody?" I turn my head to see "Xander?!" I ask startled, he was wearing faded jeans, a baggy t-shirt and sneakers.

"What are you doing here?" He asks curiously crossing his arms "I could ask you the same thing" I said just as we hear another bang "what the hell was that?" He asks with raised brows "you don't want to know" I said shuddering "who's he?" He asks looking at Evan "that's Evan, my cousin" I said shrugging "so why are you here?" He asks stepping closer.

"Um I don't exactly know" I said scratching the back of my neck "me neither, some doughebag forced me in here" He says annoyed "that's Caleb, why would he want you- I mean like what for" I said biting my lower lip "were not the only ones he wanted" He says tilting his head towards the closet "what?" I ask confused, he smirks "open it" He says hiding a smile.

I stand up curiously "oh an whatever you do, don't go in the bathroom" I said walking towards the closet "why?" He asks confused "my Aunt & some guy are in there" I said smirking at him, he looked disgusted. I open the closet door an saw a girl with dirty blonde hair & bright blue eyes, her clothes were torn and she wasn't wearing shoes.

"Go away, don't hurt me" She whimpers flinching away from me further into the closet "she was here before me, she's been like that ever since I came" Xander says amused "hey there, I'm not gonna hurt you, just come outta there" I said holding my arms out, she hesitantly steps forward "keep him away from me" She says pointing to Xander.

"What'd I do" He says with raised hands as she lets go help her out and I place her on the filthy desk "what's your name?" I ask softly as she places her hand on my cheek "Kimi, who are you?" She asks shakily "I'm Melody, how old are you?" I ask curiously "9" She says softly "did they hurt you?" I ask concerned, she looks down an drops her hand just as Aunt Maya & the guy walk out.

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