Shopping and Sunsets

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I was out shopping for a prom dress with Jenn, Jess and Alex, and they were picking out the shortest dresses possible. 

"Ok, guys, i get that its 2013, but i don't want to look slutty, I want to wear a long dress, i'll feel more comfortable" I said skimming the long dresses. 

I found a blue one, a coral one, a teal one, and a purple one. 

"Ok dear, time to model those beauties!" Jenn said guiding me to the dressing room. 

I put the coral one on first, and it was really poofy, like too poofy for my taste. 

I walked out and stood infront of them. "Votes?" 

They all had thumbs down "Yeah, its way too poofy for my taste"  I said shutting the curtain

I tried on dress, after dress, and all of them were thumbs downs, but the purple one was my last dress, and honestly, I loved it, it was the one dress I really loved.

I slipped it on and it fit perfectly, I fell in love with it in an instant.

I walked out and everyone's jaws dropped. 

"Marissa, this is the one" Jess squealed. "Its perfect" Jenn replied. 

"I love it! I'll take it" I said to the consultant. She nodded and went to get a dress bag. "Now, what shoes?" Alex exclaimed. 

I looked at everyone and they all nodded. "Vans" we said in unison. We all burst into laughter and walked to the front to pay for the dress. 

Afterwards, we walked over to Foot Locker and found a brand new pair of classic vans and I was very, very excited about them. 

"Do you guys think Justin will like the dress?" I asked honestly. They all raised brows at me. "Hun, Justin finds you beautiful in sweatpants and a tshirt, he'll think you're beautiful no matter what!" Jess said hugging my shoulder.


I hung my dress up in my closet, and changed into a hoodie and jean shorts. I went on my balcony with my guitar and lyric journal and just jammed. 

Yes, I have a lyric journal, Since i was 12 i've been writing my own lyrics and melodies, and I really do love them!

I watched Justin walk out and lean against his balcony, smiling at me.

"You write?" He asked. I smiled slightly and nodded. "That's cute" He said winking at me. "Wanna go out tonight? We can go on a car ride and just go wherever it takes us" 

I set my guitar down and stood up. "Sure, i'll come by around 5:30" I said smiling. He smiled "Can't wait" 

I walked in my room, locking the balcony door and checking my clock 


ok good, it gives me enough time to shower and change.

I shut the balcony curtain, grabbed my robe and hopped in the shower. I scrubbed my body till I felt nice and refreshed, washed my hair of course, and shaved my legs and armpits. Once I shut the water off, I slipped my robe on and tied it tightly. 

I wiped my hair down with a towel and just let it air dry while I did my makeup. 

I just put on powder and lip balm, nothing fancy. My hair was now almost dry so I decided to do a fancy hairstyle, so I french braided the hair in front of my head and pull it back into a ponytail. 

I changed into a comfy bra and underwear, I put a pair of light wash skinny jeans, a black cami and a lightweight military jacket that has elbow length sleeves. I slipped on a pair of socks and quickly checked out my outfit, I really did like it!

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