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Roberts POV.

It was night so googlies where everywhere.Even on the trees!"Ronin!" I shouted "herobrine is in the game!"I know keep your eyes pieled"he replied. Then we saw him his white eyes staring right into mine."Run!" i shouted without a word we ran in side a cave."That was crazy" I whisperd to ronin."No kidding" he whisperd back.We where save until we herd a hissing from right be hind us.Ronin and I turned around and before you could say snap a creeper blew up in our face!I had 3hearts lelft."Eat this ronin" I whisperd in a soft voice.

Ronins POV.

When we saw him we ran and went in a cave.It was dark and very very spooky.We both heard a hissing.I turned around as fast as I could but didn't have time to hit it the creeper blew uup robert handed me a steak.I quickly ate it.We heard a lagging noise coming from outside."We will need to dash for it" admitted Robert.I just nodded.We ran as fast as we could through the cold forest air. I saw a villege.We also saw a blur in the corner of our eyes.There was only one thing that could be.HEROBRINE!!!We ran through all the crowded streets with villagers on them.We whent from house to house.It was like a game of hide and seek.Finallywe had a chance to run."GO!"I shouted. We ran up to our house there was a skeleton zombie and crcreeper.You take the creeper ill take the others"I explained.I ran to stab the zombie in the stomach then the skeleton."Get in the house shouted Robert.

It felt nice to sleep in the comfrey bed in the house.I felt like I was moving.BOOM!I woke up.We had been moving !!!It was something or someone that threw them in this meserible place!Sudenly I knew where we where.Another fireball flew at them. THE NETHER!!


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