I shift in my seat "What do you mean?"

Finn frowns, as if the memories deeply bother him "Her dad was in a dark place for a lot of years, she said he changed when her mother died - he drank a lot, and I guess owning a bunch of bars in Australia and over here didn't help that" he pauses, massaging the back of his neck "He kicked her out when she told him, screamed at her and told her he wasn't going to have a...dyke for a daughter"

My jaw drops as my heart shatters inside my chest, and I immediately feel an uncontrollable rage towards her dad "How the fuck could he do that?"

Finn lifts and drops his shoulders with a resigned look "It's more common than you think for people to go through when they come out, it's fucked but it's reality. Things were so different even fourteen years ago compared to what they are now, and it still happens"

"That's fucking awful" I shake my head in disgust, wincing at the thought of Joey going through something like that.

My whole body is aching wishing I knew her back then, that I could have been there for her some how. I mean, I would have only been 8 years old but still.

Finn nods, taking a long gulp from his beer before continuing "She came to live with me and my family for a few months, then went to stay with her uncle in Carolina for a year and her uncle eventually got her dad to come around"

"She has family in Carolina?" I ask with a lift if my brows "She's never mentioned that"

"Yeah, her dad and his brother moved over here when Joey was fourteen, her uncle went to Carolina, her father stayed here in San Francisco. They were both opening bars over here, family business and all that" Finn smiles to himself "She fucking hated it here at first, she never wanted to leave Australia"

I nod, trying to absorb all of this new information, piecing together the parts of Joeys life I had no idea about "Why didn't she move back?"

"Her mum" he says, folding his arms on the table "Said it wasn't her home any more, I don't think she's felt like she's had a home since she passed away"

My brows dip in sadness, wanting nothing more than to run back to her apartment and wrap my arms around her, I just want to protect her from everything bad in the world "...What happened? You know, with her mum passing away?"

Finn presses his lips together, shaking his head "Sorry Harry, that's one thing that's Joeys place to tell you if she wants to. I swore I'd keep it to myself"

"Of course, no that's okay, I understand" I reassure him, my heart sinking at the thoughts about what might have happened.

Finn nods appreciatively, and blows out a breath "Joey went off the rails for a bit, after what happened with her dad, even when she came back from Carolina I think it took her a long time to forgive him, she just felt really alone, like anyone she loved or trusted was going to fuck her over or hurt her. Her dad stopped drinking but she started, and I'd be surprised if she even remembers the years between being seventeen and twenty"

"She had a drinking problem?" I question, my face etched in concern.

"She had a lot of problems, drinking was just the way she drowned them out. She's never been good with her emotions, she just bottles them up and locks them away, and she's very good at it. But everyone has to crack eventually. She just became so angry, like she was pissed off at the world for the way things had turned out for her, she got into so many fights"

I pull my head back in shock "Fights? Joey? We are talking about the same Joey?"

Finn laughs under his breath "Yeah, it was usually if anyone said anything to her about being gay, if we were out partying or something or if anyone said something to me, you know homophobes, always flinging their opinions around like monkeys flinging their shit in the zoo"

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