Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

(A/N: Hey guys~~ so yeah im so sorry for the long update..i've been busy lately but hopefully you'd like the update..i highly appreciate ur comments and votes and the new readers xD

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<Raven’s P.O.V.>

Okay~~ losing dodge ball is inevitable in my opinion. We’re bound to get hit and be the ones to throw the ball at some point. Guess Creisler just has a short temper.

But there was no excuse to what Renneh did to me! I get that we share the same hate for each other but so far I haven’t done anything to piss her off that much yet!  Complaining about it won’t change anything anyway, I’m just glad Gym class is over.


The bell rings signaling another homily is yet to come, and I’m just shifting uncomfortably on my chair as I sneak glances at Crischene.

I just can’t seem to toss the whole image-popping-thingy away. I can’t seem to find the right words to call it. A vision? No. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t. And just to add more spice to my curiosity she had to die her hair indigo. She hasn’t even spoken a single word today. She’s Crischene. From what I have observed, I know something’s wrong…its irregular for her to be seen this voiceless.

I heave out a sigh and decided to read a book. I take out I AM NUMBER FOUR from my bag and start reading. (It’s a great book by the way! I recommend it to all the readers reading this story right now xD)

5 minutes have passed and I found myself rereading the same page over and over again. Nothing would sink in my brain at the moment. “This is hopeless” I mutter to myself as I close the book. Every time I feel like there’s something wrong, or there’s a problem I badly want to solve but cant…I cant seem to focus on anything but that. Even if I try to get my brain off of it, it still doesn’t work. My brain seems to automatically take a walk out of my head, leaving me staring off into space.

I just get irritated once I know I don’t know about something or when I feel unsatisfied about the information laid in front of me. At times it’s distressing to be fated with a brain such as mine, itching for facts, more fact, and well, MORE FACTS MORE KNOWLEDGE. I can even tell I feel excited when I find something puzzling.

Believe me when I say I don’t wanna be the next Nancy Drew who walks around a place and start sniffing for a case. Mystery, clues~~oh such excitement! (Note sarcasm)


Time passes by so quickly and the bell for lunch time chimes into the ears of the students in Room 101. Some take out their lunch boxes and some exit the room quietly. Crischene still remains on her seat. Quiet. And distant.

I decide to get out of the classroom to ease the anxiety I’m feeling. I’m not hungry anyway.


My feet lead me into the Academy’s Green house where the sun shines through the glass ceiling and sheds light to the different kinds of plants in it. It was beautiful to look at. There was a line of orchids from both sides of the room. In each line lay Orchids with different colors. As I walk deeper in this mini jungle of flowers I saw roses, white and red ones that radiate as the light beams on them. I smile as I begin to notice butterflies flutter around from flower to flower. Everything looked so fresh, unmarked by the toxic wastes from the outside. I could hear birds chirping. It was just amazing. There were a few benches inside, maybe 5 or 7. In the center back of the green house there was a mini pond. I run towards it and peer down to see the beautiful lilies on the water along with coy fish that swam freely inside the clear waters.

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