A new village a new start

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Re-Re-published: 27/01/16

Chapter 2

Picture of the Nakahara clan symbol at the top

My eyes opened before closing again to block out the light coming in from the window. I squinted and rolled over, turning to face the small alarm clock that was next to the bed. Konoha sure was easy to get in to, they also gave me a completely furnished apartment- little excessive for a show of stability but I wasn't complaining. The small clock said that it was 9:00 am so I sat up, my plan had been simple but apparently it was effective. I could sense the ANBU or Jounin sitting near the apartment, on the roof of another building. I got out of the bed, ready to enter phase two. I felt just a little bad for doing this but, my years of training made me quickly push those thoughts aside. I walked to the bathroom and turned on the water in the shower. Water fell from the faucet, hot water. It was strange to think they'd gone to all that trouble for a child- a high up one, but a child none the less.

I hopped out of the loose shirt I had found on the bed- creepy to know that they'd put it there- and placed it on the counter. I got into the shower and winced as the water ran over my back. When I was finished I jumped out and dried myself off. I got back into my kimono, and wrapped the obi (Sash) back around. I grabbed my red Hitai-ate and put it on, I'd be able to at least get some respect in the village- being treated as a child didn't have any appeal to it.

I pulled my shoulder length hair into a low pony tail, my bangs still uncooperative as ever, as I headed into the kitchen area- I doubted they'd have put food in the fridge- since it wasn't certain if I'd be staying in the village yet. If all went to plan I'd hopefully get this apartment. I opened the fridge and as I had expected it was empty so I grabbed my ninja pouch and hid it beneath my obi- as I always did- and headed out. Before I left I did my hygiene, and then grabbed my shoes and put them on - they were a little dirty but wearable. I stood up and looked back at the clock it was 9:30am. I had time to spare before the ANBU came to get me, even though one was just outside. Walking forwards I looked over – actually I couldn't reach the top, so I looked through the railing. People were walking around along dusty roads occasionally entering a shop or building, a few families were carrying bags as they walked.

My first impression of Konoha from the outside is weak, but from the inside it was obvious that even the civilians - that the Nakahara didn't have- were well adjusted and ready for an emergency- while they wouldn't be able to fight back, they'd know how to get out of the way. The civilian populous seemed completely at ease with the ninja leaping over head from building to building – they were okay with living among killers. I still don't like living with civilians, though, they pose a threat to the strength and intelligence within the village.

I placed my hands on top of the railing and pushed off, using the momentum from the swing to spin mid-air. I landed in in front of the apartment building before I turned and walk down the road. I had a good amount of down time, so I decided to go and scope of the area- find the fastest escape route, the busiest areas and what not. When I finished up I began walking again.

As I walked, I passed the river and saw a boy coming up from the pier. He had bluey-black hair and big black eyes. His skin was pale and his clothes had a symbol of a red and white fan on the back. He walked up and turned towards me before he spotted me and made a B line straight for me. Stopping in front of me he looked me up and down "You're the girl that ran into me last night." He concluded. "Yeah... sorry about. I was in a bit of a hurry." I said. His eyes stopped on my head band "You're a Shinobi."

"I am."

"What rank?"

"Chunnin... well I was a Chunnin."

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