Chapter X: Xen'mydia Approaching [From the Point-Of-View of Davis Eastman]

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[Back In San Diego]

    I had just informed Sir Anders about the futile action performed by the Government agents. However, he soon called back and declared that it was USETDARA and Professor Amethe Willson behind all this, as the mastermind.


    : "So, what should I do now?"

    : "Go to Aiden's home, and explain the situation to his mother. You will meet Zeraindene too there, discuss with her and do something to get the children out... QUICK!"

    : "B-But what about you?"

    : "Silly, USETDARA is not after me! They are after Zeraindene... and that mad scientist turned everything upside-down. we would manage in Washington. But without the kids and Zeraindene, I doubt if we ever succeed..."

    I at once slammed the call, and rushed to the Summerdale Residence. Well, why should I rush? I was exactly before it!

    "W-Who are you? One of those roguish officers?!" An angry mother opened the door.

    "I-I am sorry for what had happen, but I have come here to help, okay? I have something very important to discuss!" I explained.

    "Like aliens attacking the Earth... What do you think, I would believe you?"

    "You would have to believe, Mom!"

    I turned back. Zeraindene?!!

    "Zui, Andy has been arrested by some strange people..." Mylah Summerdale rushed at her.

    "... Strange is me!! Mom, everything is happening because of me... all the Agents wanted me!"

    "B-But why?"

    Zeraindene glanced down. She didn't know how to state that she wasn't a human.


    "Because, Zui is an alien!"

    Mylah was shocked! "What are you saying? Zydia is like my daughter... she's clearly a human!

    “I AM an alien! And I know that I shouldn’t have broken your trust, Mrs. Summerdale. I-I AM SORRY!”

    I couldn’t stand the scene... this was really heart-touching! Still, I had to perform my duties... so when Zeraindene burst out in tears, I...

    “So, w-what differs if you are an alien, and not a human?”

    I looked up at Mylah in total surprise, and so did the little Zydia.

    “It doesn’t matter from which race you are... especially, when you are so humanely of heart, and... you were more of Aiden’s sister than any other. And see, you even cry like a human! The mother consoled Zydia, and her tears... as well as took over her own grief.

    “Well, I wasn’t to jump between such heart-touching bonds of yours,” I said patting my back-head. “but... we need to take the kids out!”

    “Kids?” Mylah asked in confusion.

    “Yes, Mom... along with Aiden, even Samaira has been being captured.”

    I believed, that the time for action had come. Now we had to discuss what we had really gathered for, and we had to save the kids at first... then save the entire planet! “We will investigating the issue to find out their exact location...”

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