Chapter 3

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Misunderstood Siblings

Chapter 3: finding out the truth!


I gasp...

"T-The ice crystal cube of truth!!! I-I found it!" The room echoed my voice, I guess the room is actually pretty big then...! I walked towards the ice crystal, moving my hand out to touch it when an image if me appears in it, making me draw my hand back and walk back a step.

Then it showed a faint image of Tyler in it. Why would my brother be involved with this...? Other than being my brother and having the same parents as me. I walked forward and touched the crystal, sending a little shiver down my spine but stays in one place.

The ice crystal glowed a nature green and changed that part of what I touched, shine more green. I put my whole hand on it, sending a bigger shiver down my spine but I don't take any notice of it and put my other hand on it, the crystal Now all of it shining and glowing a strong, nature green.

Out of my instinct, I close my eyes and images of what my parents TRULY are. After a few minutes of finding the truth, I gasp and open my eyes, taking my hands off of the ice crystal cube of truth.

"W-What?! No... This can't all be true!!" I gasped, looking at my hands.

My mother and father are both grievers, anything they see they try and find a way to destroy it. They are thieves, anything shiny, like gold, emeralds or diamonds. They are killers, they cause of most, if not all deaths in Minecraftia! And we are the children of them! So that is why all the people stare at us, children hide from us and why the security guards are around me and Tyler non-stop in the workhouse!

"I-I can't tell Tyler that I know about this...!! Or tell him I've been here..." I sigh, thinking about what could happen if i tell him, And it doesn't really end well... Trust me! I shudder a little at the thought, putting it to the back of my mind.

I start to walk out of the chamber and walks towards the rocks when dust falls from the ceiling. "Huh...?" I look up, seeing that the dust came from the soon-to-fall rocks that are gonna flatten me if I don't get out of here! I gasp and my eyes open wide. I'm stood in the middle, frozen solid in fear. I could die if I don't get out of here!

Suddenly, something In my body makes me run out of the way, grabbing the ice crystal of truth on the way. I scream, swiftly moving out of the way as the rocks fall from the ceiling. I make it past all the rocks and hides the crustal somewhere secure where no one can get it.

"There... Now back to the library...!" I say, going back into the tunnel and making it back to the library, secretly coming out of the hole. I run out of the library, putting my hood up.

Now to find my brother and lie to him, saying I couldn't find the book...

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