The rest of the school is massive! It has four floors, about 100 classrooms, all of which are specifically designed for the subject which is taught inside. Every room is massive! The bell rings, it doesn't make me jump which I'm proud of because it means I'm finally getting used to it.

I make my way down to Psychology. The door is closed and its dark inside, which I guess is strange because none of the rooms have blinds... There is a mass of students outside all waiting to get in. It's 11.00 and the door slowly opens, a small woman with seriously crazy hair pops her head around the door.

"Welcome Class to the mysterious land of psychological discoveries, please come in, take a seat. Come along and join me on this mind boggling journey"

Well, heres another crazy egg. Her appearance doesn't help either I guess, she is basically dressed like a hippy. She as wild curly long blonde hair that looks like it hasn't had anything done to it in a million years. I mean, I'm all for first impressions but this one was just clearly a nut case. It wouldn't even take a psychologist five minutes to deduct that. But I am a boy, a boy who isn't one to judge.

"A new face in my class I see?"

"Hello Miss."

"You must be Lucas? Class, let's give him a psychology welcome"

We all sit around in a circle and we just talk about ourselves, they now know about my ODD and I now know that Sarah was battling depression but she is now happy and full of life again, I like this class even though the teacher is a little bit of a nutcase. We had sweets and we basically just gossiped for the entire lesson, this lesson gives me hope again, hope that high school isn't filled with a load of Umbridges. Time flies and the bell goes, I didn't want it to because there isn't anything you can do when the school bell rings for lesson change. It's now time for Chemistry, which means I have to go passed the maths rooms and at the end of the corridor is Mr. Willis' room.

Room 214

Mr. Willis

Chemistry Lab

I open the door and walk in, Mr. Willis looks at me, I just smile and look down then walk to an empty seat at the back, not everyones in yet which means the Lesson doesn't start yet. I'll just describe Mr. Willis to you.

Mr. Willis looked like your average scientist, He had his white lab coat on and his tie tucked in this shirt so it didn't cause mayhem when doing his lessons. He had a shaved stubble and brown hair with grey tints here and there. I'm guessing he is in his late thirties early forties judging by the wrinkles on is forehead and face.

The last of the students pile through the door and Mr. Willis tells them that they're late. It feels nice that I'm not the one who is getting shouted out for being late. Anyhow the lesson progresses and we start learning about atoms and their uses. Pretty boring if you ask me. I get on with it though. I plan to do well in my subjects. I've almost gotten through my first day, not fighting, swearing, I haven't even back chatted a teacher and my only dislike for a teacher is that maths teacher Ms. Pengal. I'm looking forward to telling Sam about my day, I think he is going to find it interesting. I guess the only downside is I haven't made any friends yet. But there is still time yet. I've got P.e and Spanish. <----- Strange subject to have in high school right?

"Luke Moran, What's the answer?"

"To what Sir?"

"the question on the board? Have you not been paying attention to anything I've been saying?"

"No sir. Sorry Sir."

"Maybe if you spent less time dreaming out the window and more time focused in class you wo-"

"Give him a break sir. It's his first day. It's a lot to take in god. Some Teachers in this place."

"Ollie I really don't think that-"

"Yeah Sir, First days are stressful enough! Look at you on your first day, you were a wreck. All over the place Yo-"

"THAT IS QUITE ENOUGH, Ollie, Ryan, See me after class."

I look around to see two boys staring at me. I smile and put my thumb up, did I just make two friends? Willis continues the lesson, I just stare at the table, he made me feel small, shallow, like I felt when I walked into Maths. But oh well, like I said about Ms. Pengal, what can I do?

The bell rings and we all shuffle out the room, the lab was hot, dark and tense, I go upstairs and and sit in the hall canteen. I text Sam to tell him how my day is going. He doesn't reply, I'm not making a big deal out of it, Sam has work, All that matters is Sam knows I am okay and I'm enjoying myself.

Time to go out and Enjoy Lunch!

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