549 75 9

I saw you in the library two weeks after that.

I thought you would ignore me, but you smiled.

A warm, genuine smile.

You came over to me.

You looked so happy.

You handed me a paper crane.

"I just came to give this to you" You whispered in my ear.

Then you left and you were gone again.

I unfolded the crane.

Number 999

Dear Elm,

I miss you.

Thanks for being the bestest friend I've ever had.

I'm going to make the last one as a birthday present for you.

It will be in the mail.

I hope we start to catch up more. I'd really like that.

Love Bay.

That's what it said.

That was the last time I ever saw you.

That was two days before your accident.

And five days before my birthday.

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