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I dedicated this to my one and only FRIENDSHIP GUIA BIEN DEMATA… ;-)


There’s a miracle called FRIENDSHIP. It dwells within the heart and you don’t know how it happens or when it gets its start. But the happiness it brings you always gives you a lift, and you realize that friendship is God’s most precious GIFT.

You are my best of friend. You were from the start. And I am very thankful for that. No words could possibly describe how grateful I am for having you in my life. You’ve been there for me through my ups and downs. You never left me hanging. You always find time for me. I maybe took you for granted without me knowing it. And I feel sorry about that. I’m so sorry because of my imperfections. I hope we could start again like from the start. I do hope also that you’re still be taking me as one of your friends. As your FRIENDSHIP.

You were someone I could trust my life with. You have seen the best and worst in me and will always be there whenever I need someone to talk to. I can lean on you all the time. You showed me love from the times that I forgot to love myself. .

We will be FRIENDS… as long as stars twinkle in the sky… as long as angels are there up high… ‘Til oceans run dry and ‘til the day I die.

Friendship doesn’t come with price tags. If it does, I’m afraid I couldn’t afford someone as great as you.

Thank you for being my TRUE and REAL friend. You’re the BEST!!!

Making a million friend is not a miracle. The miracle is to make a friend who will stand by you when millions are against you.

Side by side or miles apart, real friends is always close to the heart. ♥

Friends will come and friends will go. The seasons change and it will show. I will grow and so will you. But our friendship stays STRONG and TRUE.

We’re Best friends TODAY, TOMORROW and ALWAYS.

Guia and Liezel ;)

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Liz says: thank you friendship for being my unbiological sister! I know dami nating di pag kaunawaan. And I know na your trying your very best to understand ME and MY SITUATION. I forgot that I still have you that I can always lean on all the time and that I can always talk to whenever I need someone to listen. I have been through hell this past few months, that’s the reason why I’ve lost contact to you. I’ve been dealing with RANDOM PEOPLE that must’ve not an issue with my life. I love you friendship ko. I always do. And will always be!


♥ Love ♥ Love ♥ Love ♥ Liezel! ♥

P L U G * P L U G * P L U G

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