Well then, Here we go again... Deep Breath Review.

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Ok so here is my Review on Deep Breath. Sorry it's late.

First off Peter Capaldi was Brilliant. His performance throughout the episode was amazing. I love the fact that his Doctor is dark and unpredictable. Which makes him interesting to watch. I also love the fact that he doesn't quite understand humans like he did before. This is shown in the bedroom scene.

As usual Jena Coleman was brilliant. Clara also had a lot of Character development in this episode which was good. I love how she lost her temper at Vastra.

Speaking of Vastra I thought the Paternoster gang were brilliant as always, And Strax was funny as ever.

I thought the Half faced man was a good enemy, With that aura of scary.

The main story of this episode was interesting and the Cliffhanger at the end was good. I've got questions such as... Who is the woman at the end? We know she is the Gate Keeper to the nether Sphere but that's it.

I thought The Doctor confrontation at the end with the half faced man was intense and the fact that we don't know if the Doctor pushed him off or not is interesting.

And then. When I think Im getting over Matt Smith. Bam. Hello again.

I love the fact that Matt Smith made an appearance. I wish however that I didn't know it was going to happen. But I knew, However I didn't think Ut was going to happen in this episode.

Matts talk with Clara was brilliant. It made Clara realise that this new man was still the Doctor.

Overall I give this episode a 8/10

I know that this review isn't very good, But it's my first.

What are your opinions on the episode? Whats your your view on Capaldi?

Be sure to comment!

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