Welcome to my world

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I'm back to the place where people you don't like surrounds you. Where people just ignores you every second of everyday. Well I guess they don't really ignore me here, I'm actually kind of hard to ignore if you think of it. You ask why? Well let's just say that I'm not one of those girls that's sweet or nice or nerdy. I'm the bully of this school. I spend nearly all the time pushing freshmans against their lockers. Let's just call it my welcome party for them. I'm just giving them a taste of reality. I mostly wear black, I'm always alone. Yeah no one wants to be my friend.


Ok what do I have first? Math. Urgh a perfect subject to start the day. Guess I'm shoving someone to their locker today. Who is the lucky person?

When I got to my Math class, people where staring at me. I looked at one of them in the eye and they quickly turned their heads away. As if I didn't know they were staring at me. I started heading my way to the back corner seat in the room but someone's already sitting. I guess he have to move.

"Hey give me that seat!" I said furiously. He didn't looked at me in the eye and didn't even bother to move. "Hey you punk, you might be taller than me but--"

"Miss Smith please put Derek down!" The teacher commanded and so I did. I glared at him. As I took another seat.

"Hello class," he greeted.

Everyone stood up except for me. "Morning Mr Steven!" The whole class blurted out.

"Great morning isn't it?" He asked. Yeah right, "so today I'm going to talk to you about the school ball," all the girls giggled. Girls.... Oh and by the way I'm straight! I'm not a lesbian or something. Just to make it clear.

"So it's going to be on the 25th of August," he stated, "better start asking the special ladies out boys and girls better start planning your dress," he carried on, making the girls squeal.


Well that was a short class, we pretty much spend the whole time either asking people to be their ball dates or the girls that won't have any dates and just going with their friends planning what dress they're going to wear.

"Oh and everyone I nearly forgot this but the theme is Werewolves and Vampires," Mr Steven said as i was about to leave. Finally something dark that I will fit in with, "oh and it's a mascarade ball too," he continued. Oh I get to dress as myself and no one will even know that it's me. Well this is perfect.

Second period is coming up and everyone from my class is still excited. Seriously? We have science next for goodness sake. People keep on bumping me while I'm going to my class I just simply push them back and into the lockers on the side making them cry. Oh poor sweeties. Not. I fucking hate people I'll rather work 7 days in a row than going to school.

The students are already lined up in front of our door, all of them are eager to go in. Mrs. Chanel is waiting for me as she block the door not letting anyone to go in.

"Morning Mrs. Camel," the whole class stayed quiet. Oh my gosh so my class don't know what funny is. I mean Chanel and Camel sounds so much alike.

"Everyone go in except for Victoria Smith," everyone went in leaving me behind.

"Victoria Smith what do you think you're doing?" She exclaimed, "first you fail finishing this year 3 times! That's why you have to repeat this year 3 times in a row. And now on your 3rd year your not really off to a good start. How long do you want to spend in this school?" She asked me curiously.

"Well I wanted to finish going to this school this year!" I replied. I have to say I feel pretty ashamed of myself. Mrs. Camel is right about me having to take school more seriously but I'm so dumb so how the hell am I suppose to finish?

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