Chapter 1

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*4 Years later *

"Mummy! Mummy! Wake up!"

I sat up in bed and looked into the eyes of my beautiful 4 year old girl Macee.

"Mummy! Sierra is coming around today!"

Sierra is Kayleigh's daughter. Macee and Sierra are the best of friends!

I pick Macee up and carry her down stairs to the breakfast table.

"Mummy. When will i get to meet daddy?"

"Some day Sweetie i promise"

Macee still hasn't met her dad. Ashton. Him and Izzy are now married and so are Meghan and Luke.

I keep in touch with Michael and he has become my best friend. We text every day and every night, but i have told him im not getting into another relationship with a singer.

Im still not over that!

Oh yea.. Christian and Tobia broke up and now Christian and Taylah are back together, and the are married!

I hear a knock at the door. I see Kayleigh and Sierra standing there.

Sierra and Macee run off up stairs and play with the barbie dolls.

I sit down in the lounge with Kayleigh.

Oh. Tobia, Kayleigh, Taylah and I all moved to New York two years ago as we became a professional band called TOKT.

I start talking to Kayleigh and then i feel my phone vibrate.

I looked down and it was Michael.

I excuse myself and answer.


"Hi Olivia"

Wait. This is not Michael.




"What do you want?"

"I just want to see if i can come and see you sometime?"

"Why the fuck would you want to see me after what you did to me?"

"I want to tell you what happened. My flight to New York leaves tomorrow."

Great. Ashton is coming to visit.

But. Oh shit. I never told him we had a kid together.

I heard Kayleigh call for Sierra. They were going to see her parents.

I heard Macee and Sierra run down the stairs singing our bands hit song "The world that hurt"

That song was about the relationship between Ashton and I.

"Mummy can we go to the park?"


I walk with Macee out to the car and buckle her in her seat.

I drove to the park and let her play for a while.

I had to tell her daddy was coming. Im really scared to tell her but i know she will be happy.

I see her running over to me with a newspaper.

She shoves it in my face and asks if i knew that girl on the front page.

It was Izzy.

"Yes darling i do know that girl. And you see that boy she is with?"


"Thats daddy."

"Daddy? Is with another girl? Daddy doesnt love me?"

"Of course he loves you sweetie!"

Well i don't know if he actually loves her as he doesn't know i was pregnant with his child.

I look closely at the paper. Ashton and Izzy have split up.

Thats why Ashton was coming.

It was getting late and Macee started to look tired.

I got her some Mc Donald's and then took her home.

I put her into bed and fell asleep next to her.

I do this quite often! I think its a comfort thing.

Im really worried about Ashton coming.

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