Chapter 10

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Ayame kicked the door open, her flintlocks ready. The sight was horrifying.

A girl, looking no more than 12, lay on a bed, blood streaming from a cut in her stomach. A man, looking in his thirties held a bloodstained knife, as he straddled the girl on the bed.

He raised the knife again, as if to plunge it into the girl's chest, but Ayame raised her flintlocks, firing rapidly at the man.

One bullet hit his arm, the other one, his hip. With a cry, he collapsed, while the girl under him struggled futilely, trapped under his weight. She was weakening, Ayame could see, she had lost too much blood.

She ran at the man, jumping up, and landing on the bed. She kicked the man once, hard. People like him didn't deserve to be treated nicely. She kicked him again.

"Get off her," She ordered, pointing one of her flintlocks at him, "If you want to keep your head." He scrambled off immediately, backing as far away from her as possible.

The girl let out a strangled sigh and gasp, as the weight on her disappeared.

"Are you okay?" Ayame jumped off the bed, crouching next to her, "Is it just your stomach?" The girl turned her head to look at Ayame.

"Thank you," She whispered, "But I think you're too late." A tear trickled down her cheek. She closed her eyes, wincing slightly, at the pain in her stomach.

"It's okay though. I wanted to know that I would die in safe hands, than at the hands of someone like...him." Ayame shook her head fiercely.

"That's not true!" She told her, "We can save you! Lyubey is right h-Lyubey?" Ayame looked around for the white incubator.

"It's okay." The girl gasped. Ayame turned to her desperately.

"Wait! No! I don't even know your name!" The girl opened an eye.

"It's Kana." Her eyes closed, as she breathed deeply.

"Stay awake," Ayame begged her, "Just stay awake."

"Sorry about the delay," Kyubey's bright voice popped up, "What's your wish, Kana?" Ayame looked at him, confused.

"Where's Lyubey?" She asked him. He didn't seem to hear.

"I wish I won't be hindered by this body any more." Kana's voice whispered, as her eyes opened. Ayame realised then, that they were a clear, hazel colour.

"Your wish has been granted," Kyubey replied cheerfully, as his two pale, extended ears reached out towards the girl's chest. Kana screamed as the ears reached into her chest. Ayame tensed, wondering if the girl could deal with the pain of contracting. She watched in shock as finally, a bright light appeared in front of her, glowing with a bright, beige tinge. Ayame expected her to clasp the newly formed soul gem, but instead, she collapsed, her face pale and unmoving.

Ayame gasped.

"Did you kill her?" She asked Kyubey. Kyubey shook his head.

"You'll see." He replied.

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