Chapter One

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Rogues, Bunny-scares, and Lucifer?

'Walking quietly is so boring. Why am I a ninja again? Stealth is for the weak!' I thought to myself as I strolled through the forest, humming a lullaby I had picked up from some villagers. Hearing muffled voices in the distance, I quickly silenced my humming and snuck closer to the voices.  

'Oh yeah. That's why I'm a ninja. So I don't die in the wilderness. And so I can pull awesome pranks but that's getting off topic.' I sweatdropped. 

"Those damn Konoha ninjas! You'd think that their kindness would make them weak! Ugh, well now we lost Sayori to them, and we're still being pursued," a man mumbled, "how are we gonna get outta this one, Momo?"  

"The Konoha nins have a couple tracker dogs, so we need to mask our scents; maybe we can go through the river, then they'll lose our scents!" Momo suggested. A silence followed, which I took as my queue to appear. Jumping out of my impromptu hiding spot I grinned at the startled rogues. 

"Whatcha boys up to? Wanna play a game?" they both slowly shook their heads no, "How about we play... you guys run and I try to kill you! It'll be my good deed of the day!" I chuckled. Now, mind you, they both looked terrified out of their wits, so I decided to take it easy on them and kill them both fast and painlessly. Hearing noises coming from my left, I quickly wiped my blade off, sheathed it, and ran silently to my right, and away from the incoming Konoha ninjas.  

After a while of running, I decided to take a quick break and rest by the river thatI had been following. Making sure no one was in a mile radius, I took off my clothes and slipped into the water to bathe and wash my clothes. I washed the dirt and blood out of my clothes, then set them on a bush to dry. After rinsing the dirt out of my hair, I moved onto my body, but froze when I heard a rustling in the bushes where I had laid my clothes out to dry.  

'Craaaap crap crap crap. My weapons are over there too! I made sure there was no one in a mile radius, and I've been monitoring that distance the whole time! How skilled must this person be to be able to hide their presence at this close of a distance?! I'm going to die. I know it. IT'S BEEN GOOD Y'ALL.'  

All of a sudden, a small bunny rabbit hopped out of the bush and nibbled some grass. Realizing my mistake, I let out a giant laugh and watched the bunny freeze before sprinting away. Shaking my head, I decided to get back to my bath.


When I was done bathing and my clothes were dry, it was around sunset and I was hungry. Glancing around for a sturdy tree, I found one and climbed it, opening my backpack once I got to a nice branch and grabbing some of the dried deer meat I had made. Chewing on my meat, I thought about my plans for later. Earlier that month I had found a weird tome on the body of a cultist who had attacked me, and it mentioned a ritual to summon a demon who would be faithful to you, and would not be able to disobey your orders, but at the same time they did it in their on will, because the ritual also involves a bonding ceremony, and the demon would do anything to please you. Being the extremely curious (and reckless) teenager I am, I had decided to attempt the ritual. After much research in the tome, I had finally gathered enough information to complete the ritual.  

Checking my backpack, I made sure that I had all the items needed to complete the ritual. Black roses? Check. Calla Lillies? Check. Begonias? Check. Nightshade? Check. Candles? Check. For the last ingredients, I had to improvise a little, because you don't just see dragons and pheonixes hanging around. I managed to summon my two ancient spirits in their mythical forms, which just so happen to be a dragon and a pheonix, and took some samples of their blood.  

Setting up the candles and flowers was hard, unless I glanced at the representation in the book every five seconds. There were a couple of diagrams, with ranging levels of details. They apparantly determined how strong of a demon you summon, and the one with the highest level of detail had writing underneath it that said "CAUTION. DO NOT PERFORM UNLESS NECESSARY AND IN A CONTROLLED SETTING". Well, as I always say, go big or go home! 

Finally I was done with the summoning stage! Now to pour the bloods into the central basin, and mix my own blood into the mix, and then say the chant! 

"I conjure thee spirit to come and show thyself in fair and comely shape without guile or deformity by the name of Casmiel! By the name of beloved Lucifer! By the dread day of final judgement! By the omen! By the changing sea of glass! By those beasts having eyes before and behind, and having one hundred hands!" when I yelled the last word, a silence fell over the stage, and I glanced around, wondering if it actually worked, or if I had gotten my hopes up for nothing. As I turned around, I faced the most gorgeous man I had ever seen.  

"Er. Who are you?" I asked, then immediately hit myself mentally. Great way to start a conversation with a guy you ran into in a dark forest after performing a cultist's ritual. He glanced around, and I noticed his eyes were a weird shade of gray that I had never seen before, and looking into them felt like looking into an abyss. Pulling myself out of my thoughts, I noticed he was looking at me weirdly.  

"Ahah. Pardon? I didn't hear you," I muttered sheepishly. 

"You summoned me, I am Lucifer," he looked at me suspiciously. "Are you okay? You seem sick."

And that's when everything went dark.

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