Im not your slave!

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When I'm in the van I kicked the thugs and trashed around to get free. I know its no use but I don't care I'm gonna get away.Well probably not now though.

"Hey would you stop it back there!" he yells "Keep dreaming!" I yell.I see a knife back here so I am able to cute off the rope on my hands. The thugs turn the music so loud I could die! "You are gonna be a girl used for sex that's why I follow you!" he says. "I'm not your slave!" I said. He made the music louder. I grab the knife and stab the one thug in his back and jump out of the car!

Sorry to disappoint you idiots I thought.As that happened they wrecked. I saw someone come out of nowhere from the airport."Hi I'm Taylor Caniff do you know where Cam Dallas is?"

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