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This guy is out golfing with his buddy one day and he says, "Man I haven't gotten laid in what seems like forever. I don't know what it is I'm just not getting any." So his buddy says, "Hey man I'll lend you my Asian cleaning lady. She'll come in give you a beer, clean your house, fuck the hell out of you, and best of all she can't speak a word of English." So the guys like really man you mean it? And his buddy says, "Yeah sure I'll send her over tomorrow."

So the next day this guy is at home and this cleaning lady shows up. She hands him a beer, goes about cleaning his house, and when she's done stands over him and undresses. So they start going at it and she starts screaming "SAMPOWHY, SAMPOWHY!!!" And of course he starts thinking he's like super stud to get the lady to scream like that.

The next day he's feeling all good about himself and he's out golfing with his buddy again. On his first shot he hits a hole in one and just to rub it in he yells, "SAMPOWHY!" And his buddy looks at him and says what do you mean wrong hole?

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