To Much Going On

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Maddie POV

Before I knew it I was in the hospital bed. The only thing that was in my mind was Jacob. I actually forgot about the baby by then I felt a contraction. I Felt someone's had around mind.... It didn't feel like Jake's I looked and saw Taylor holding my hand. Rockelle holding my other hand and Nia staying in front of me helping getting the baby out. I pushed and pushed then I heard a little scream. Finally. I lay back on the bed by then I felt another kick... Wtf!!!

Doctor: there's another one!!!

Say what now? Who ever said anything about twins!!! I countiue to push till I heard another scream. I fianlly relaxed. I looked at Rockelle and Taylor who were holding there hands.... Sorry... The doctor comes back with my babies but one was rapped in blue the other in pink! O snap!!! I had different genders!!! Taylor took the girl as I grabbed the boy. He was beautiful.... He looked just liked Prince. Curly hair, light skinned, brown eyes. I wanted to cry but I didn't. Apparently I did counted wrong I was actually 8 and a half Months pregnant that's why I was huge and plus I was with 2.

Maddie: I'm going to name him Mario Jacob Perez.

Nia: Mario?

I saw mama T smiling she knew exactly what I was talking about.

Maddie: Prince said if he ever had a boy he would name him Mario Jacob....

Taylor: aww that's so cute!!

I smiled at Mario then passed him mama T. Taylor passed me My girl.

Maddie: I think Ima name her Jennifer Megan Perez..

Rockelle: Megan?

Maddie: knowing Prince he probably doesn't want the name to be to black..

Taylor: only Prince!

We all laughed as Roc Ej and Ray came in with Troy Rayshell Issy. Roc holding Troy. Ray holding Rayshell and Ej was holding hands with Issy.

Guys: TWINS!!!!!

Maddie: yup meet Mario Jacob and Jennifer Megan Perez.... Issy this is your younger brother and sister!

Issy: Maria... Jenn?

Maddie: no honey... Mario... And Jennifer..

Issy: Maria-o

Maddie: good enough!

We all started laughing we it got serious.

Issy: mommy where's daddy...

He all went died silent. We looked at Issy. I gave Jenn to Taylor and got up. I could barely move... But I'll do it for Prince. I started at the door when the nurse stopped me.

Nurse: I'm sorry you can't go anywhere without a wheel chair.

I sat in the wheel chair and she wheeled me to Prince's room knowing that's were I wanted to go. I sat in his room. It was empty because Prince was in looking/surgery... I'm so nervous. I sat there looking around. Is this really happening. She wheeled me back to my room and I sat there with Rockelle Nia and Taylor. I needed them around. I was so sad. I didn't do it say anything. We just sat there watching tv. The room was filled with sadness. Everybody was so sad. I prayed and prayed hoping Prince would be ok.

~5 days later~

I woke up in my hosptail bed... Yes I'm still here. I'm staying with my babies and Prince. Issy was in my arms on knocked out! Just like prince. I felt a tear slip down my cheek. I haven't got one peice of information on him. I'm start into freak out! Everybody went back home. They told me to call them when I get information. As I was thinking about this a doctor came in my room.

Doctor: Umm your Jacob Perez's Fiancé right?

Maddie: yes...

Doctor: well we have information on him. He is pretty banged up... He has a broken arm. We are going to put a case on it... Umm what color

Maddie: GREEN!!

Doctor: ok and umm there's one mor thing...

Maddie: which is?

Doctor: he's in a coma... He don't know when he will be up but it might be a while.

I cried alittle to myslf as the doctor walked out. I grabbed Issy. She layed her head on my shoulder and went back to sleep. I passed the baby room making sure Mario and Jenn was ok. I went to Princeton room. He was laying there with bandages and some blood on him. I cried alittle but I walked in I look at him. He all banged up because of me.. He save my life and his kids... He put his life on the line just for me and his family. I stared at him and cried again. I sat there then I heard someone.....

???: well looks like he would be up soon.

I turned around and saw James.

Maddie: James what you want?

James: since he won't be around much I was thinking me and you should you know get married?

Maddie: WHAT!!! Your crazy!! I'm not doing that!! Ha you thought!

James: suit yourself... I just guess your new borns will have to die.

Maddie: WHAT!!!

James: you heard me!

James grabbed me and pulled me up.

James: get your shit! We leaving!

I grabbed Issy and held her. She was still sleep. I grabbed all my stuff then looked at prince one last time. I kissed his forehead then lips before James started pulling on me.


James slapped me across my face.

James: things are going to be different now!

I looked at him with hatred.

Maddie: did you just slap me?

James: yes hoe!

Maddie: o hell naw.

I went to slap him when he yanked Issy off of me.

James: stop or I'll beat her when we get home!

I looked at Issy. I couldn't let him do that. I cried to myself....

James: shutup bitch!

I stopped at looked at him. He gave me Issy. I pulled her in close as he grabbed my hand.

James: come on let's go!

Maddie: wait!!! *pulling me away* Bye Jake!! I-I love you Jacob!!!

He pulled me down the stairs into the car. The twins were already in there. I put Issy in her car seat and we drove off. We got to the house and I put everybody in there bed. I had to use Issy's old crib. Issy went in her room and played. I went to my room about to call Taylor when James came in.

James: strip!

Maddie: w-what?

James: you heard me strip bitch!!!

That night I got raped. I'll never be the same. I cried and screamed stop let me go the whole time to. He slapped me and told me to Shutup too. Jacob would never do that to me.... I need him. I Need Jacob....


What you think of the frist chapter to the Squeal to My little misfit across the world??? This story is going to be shocking so be prepared!!!! Love yah!!! Stay mindless!!!

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