Chapter Two

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Suit and tie. Church. JT was standing beside me. My best man. From afar was a woman in a beautiful white gown walking down the aisle towards the altar. Towards me. Red hair. Blue eyes ...Alex Salter.


I woke up by the smell of pancakes and was that coffee or tea? JT must have been up already for school.

That was a strange dream. It had been a long time since I dreamt of Alex. I might have thought about her. Subconsciously. Besides JT, Alex and I grew up together with my brothers. While I was taking up Med School, she was taking her Nursing course. And when I got my residency in New York General, Alex grabbed the opportunity to work on the same hospital as a resident nurse. We were inseparable. That was why when I made the decision to join the military; it was very hard for the both of us. We were on our way in getting married. To live our lives together happily. It was really difficult when I left her but then I did it for my family, for myself. We kept our communication as constant as we could through exchange of letters. But ever since I escaped from Afghanistan and came back to New York, I never dared to see her or even just checked on her. How was her life been? Did she have a family of her own? I was scared. She was my first love and hoped to be my last.

"Good morning, big guy." JT greeted while I was on my way for a toothbrush. "Grab yourself some breakfast and I'm off for school. Stay out of trouble."

Aww. Yes, big brother.


To-do list: Dishes. Laundry. Read books or articles about altered DNA or some newspapers. With this life I had that feels like a prison, well... with Xbox and a flat screen as a plus, I needed to know what was going on outside of MY world. Then maybe a little bit of work out, some push-ups... Welcome to my life.

I stayed in the warehouse the whole day doing my so-called chores. I waited for the dusk to cover the sky. Darkness. That was my kind of scenario where less people were on the streets and nobody could notice me. Yes, my life had been in a hiding. Nobody should know about me.


I took a walk to end the day to get some air on this cold night in New York. I kept my head down with a baseball cap to avoid eye contact from people to protect myself. Who knew there were cameras around?

"Hey!" I heard someone called behind my back. I started to walk faster until I felt a pull from the back of my coat. I have no choice but to look back. "Hi! I need help."

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