Stiles' POV

Walking through town with Derek, I tried my hardest to not draw attention to our interlocked hands. One moment, I feel like I'm squeezing way too tight, the next, I feel like I can barely feel his hand. I just really don't want him to let go. My hands start to feel clammy through my panicking, and I start to think he might get disgusted, until I remember that one time he came to my house holding his guts in his hand one time and the passed out. I guess he can't really judge me for slightly sweaty hands, especially when I'm holding hands with the person that features in all my dirty dreams.

I've always thought Derek was attractive, from the first moment he told us to fuck off his reserve, but I remember feeling slightly guilty the first time he appeared in my fantasies, because by that time, we were semi-friends. Well, I was trying to convince my dad he hadn't murdered someone and he was constantly being a sourwolf. I'd say acquaintances. But after a while, I let go of that guilt and just went with it, and to be honest, I don't regret it a bit. If I can't have that sweet piece of ass in real life, at least I can dream.

Speaking of dreams...

"So, what were you dreaming about last night?" Derek says. How the fuck does he do that? Can he read my mind. He better not be able to read my mind... How embarrassing would that be? My dream from last night pops into my head and I blush furiously. I take back my hand so I can run them through my hair, a nervous tick. Derek frowns, probably Cus he didn't realise we were holding hands.

"I'm pretty sure you can guess, sourwolf." I say, extremely embarrassed.

"Yeah but...what was it about? Who?" He says, looking a little embarrassed himself. Good. He should. Why would he even ask that anyway?

"Why do you want to know, wolf man?"

"I'm just trying to make conversation, human boy." He says, mimicking my tone.

"Well I'm pretty comfortable saying it's none of your business." I say. Oh god please don't let him be able to read my mind.

"Fine. So much for boyfriends sharing everything..." He mutters and I snort. "So what are we doing today? Meeting axe murdering exes? Getting abused by local homophobes? Maybe an interrogation from someone I'm pretty sure used to be in the mafia? ... OH WAIT! We did that yesterday! Yawn!"

"Ha ha. No." I say with attitude. It seems Derek is not always the monosyllabic grump he makes out to be. "I was thinking we could just look in a few shops to waste time. There's plenty of overpriced shit and nick nacks everywhere."

"Great, lead the way, O mighty squishy human."

"Bow before me peasant." I say as I make my way into a random shop that happens to be a old shop that sells cute little things you'd never need. "Yo slave, check out this sweet... What's this?" I say holding up a thing that looks like a whisk, but the end doesn't quite meet.

"It's a head massager, dumb ass!" Derek says, clearly not impressed by my lack of knowledge.

"Cool! Does it work?" I say, before pouncing on Derek and squishing it on his head like your supposed to. The long prongs massage his head and he practically purrs, before he pulls himself together and snarls at me, practically snapping my head off for seeing his 'weakness' before I stop him.

"A ba bup bup!" I say, wiggling my finger at him. "No murdering your boyfriend in his home town. There'd be angry villagers shooting your ass with wolfsbane before you can say 'I'll rip your throat out.'" I say, then add "with my teeth" as an afterthought.

"It'd be worth it." He says, before stalking off to look at other random crap.

"Come on now, don't be such a sourwolf! This is our weekend! There's supposed to be roses and romance and kissing and awkward family meals and nearly sleep rape and all that good stuff." He just glares at me the stalks out the store. I buy the head massager then run out after him. It doesn't take long to find him in a old bookstore that smells of damp and dust. He's sat in a corner reading a book.

"Hey now, you can sulk and read depressingly all you like when you get home, but right now, I need you to keep up the nice boy the act, just for a weekend." I say and he looks up at me, looking distraught.

"Don't you see, Stiles? I don't want to!" He says.

"Sorry! You can stop pretending to be my boyfriend! I only asked on a whim! I didn't mean to force you into anything!" I shout.

"That's not what I mean, Stiles!" He shouts back, then in an instant, he's gone again.

"Dammit!" I hiss, though no one's listening. What the hell does he mean? Why did I have to ask the emotionally constipated one? What's wrong with him now?

I'm just about to leave the book store, when I hear a sort of cackling behind me. I turn round to see Sas emerge from behind some books.

"Well, isn't this interesting?" She says.

"Fuck off Sas." I say moodily as I attempt to walk away. She quickly grabs my arm.

"Isn't it sweet? The human lying to his poor old grandma about a supernatural thing? I'm sure you've ruined it all now... What a shame!" She says. She doesn't really make much sense, but I guess psychotic bitches like her don't need to.

"You forget, you're human too." I say, as I snatch my arm away.

"Not for long." She says, before I feel a sharp pain in my upper arm and everything starts to turn black. My only thoughts as I drop to the floor is Derek looking at me pointedly when he tells me about Sas using me as blackmail. Why is he only right when it's about something terrible?


OHHHH! My first proper cliff hanger. Deal with it bitches. Aren't you proud? Its my second chapter in two days. Thanks for sticking with me, I'm getting back into writing this, so hopefully uploads will be more frequent... You better hope they are, cus I just cliffhanged all your asses.

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