Harry drived quite roughly. I was afraid that Lori might wakeup. He turned his car abruptly, causing my heart to race.

"Harry?" I said, hoping he might slow down the car while talking.

"Uh yes?" He asked turning to my direction, with his captivating green eyes looking right into mine. Thanks to god, his speed had been lessend.

"How was Liam's mood after we left?" I asked. I really desired to know.

He took a deep breath."He was mad, very very mad. I was afraid he might cry." He said.

"Did he?" I asked. "Did Liam cry?"

He shook his head." No, but I'm damn sure he had been crying after he left. He has always been very sensitive regarding this issue"

I felt really bad for making my brother woeful.

"Amelia, may I say something If you dont mind?"Harry asked me.

"Sure" I said in a low tone. I turned my attention towards the words he was going to utter.

"You should never have come." He said. Although I knew I shouldn't but still I asked him "Why?"

"I fear he is not going to a accept you. Liam really hates you and your father." Harry's word injured my heart inside, although I knew It was truth.

I wanted to cry!

"But, he's the only family I have left. Atleast we have a hope." I told him

"Yea, life is going on due to hope." He said in a much lighter and happier mood.

"Exactly, Life is going on due to hope." I repeated. He smiled at me. He was the most good looking member of the band, after my brother.


He stopped the car in front of a big double story house.

"Okay. We're here." He said.

The house was very beautiful and big. I got out from the the car. Bri had been sleeping. I woke her up. Harry carried lori while we carried our luggages.

We walked in to the house, Harry leading us with Lori peacefully sleeping in his arms. The entrance door was big, and it opened into an even bigger entrance. The entrance was a long corridor, which was gracefully embellished with a lengthy runner, lamps and pictures of the guys hanging on the off-white walls. The corridor led to a jaw dropping hall. It was enormous and beautifully decorated.

"I am the only one at home right now, the lads had plans." Harry said. Climbing the stairs up.

Brielle and I followed him up there.

"When will Liam come?" I asked him.

" I don't think he'll come home today." He said and opened a door. It was a bedroom with caramel colored walls and a beautifull California sized bed.

"You guys can stay here" He said. " This is our guest bedroom"

He carefully laid Lori down on the bed.

"Thankyou" I said. He was such a nice man.

"Oh please don't mention." He said and pulled out a blanket from a drawer to cover Lori with it.

I smiled at how sweet he was.

"Okay, so fresh up, I'm gonna order pizza. I guess you haven't eaten, Right?" He asked.

" No" I said.

"I'm waiting on the table then." He said and went out of the room, gently closing the door behind.

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