The Traitor

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"Miss Riley," Eric says, pulling me out of my blank state. "I understand you miss King Ryan, but please try and pay attention."

"Sorry, Eric." I mumble. Even my teacher knows I miss him? I'm like an open book.

"Now, where was I?" Eric pauses. "Ah, yes. The island. Can you give me a bit of history about the island? It was your homework."

"Yes," I straighten out my posture. I feel proud. My lessons are actually going quite well. "The island was found about ten years ago. All the Kings were fairly young. The lads were only in their teens when they became kings. Callie Isle was still part of the Achievement Island, but just four years ago, Callie Isle was considered it's own island. Achievement Island was divided among the six kings. Beardwin, the desert, is located in the northwest part of the island, Gavmoore, the forest, is in the northeast section, Rosemarrow, the swamp land, is in the south east section, Mogaria, the volcanic town, is southwest, and Edgartopia and Lazer, the mountain region, are located directly in the center."

"And the mystery of the island is that no one knows why the island has such drastic changes in it's temperature and terrain. But do you know why the towns are placed the way they are?" Eric raises an eyebrow.

I pause. "No.." I admit.

"That's okay. It's not in the book." Eric chuckles. "But we will save that for another lesson. You are far too distracted today."

"Awww." I pout. I thought I was going to hate this, but it's actually quite interesting. I stand up. "Thanks for the lesson, Eric. Any homework for today?"

Eric shakes his head. "No. I wouldn't want to distract you from watching our town." Eric notices the change in my expression. "King Ryan will be back in two days. You've went this long without him. You can do it for two more days." He assures me.

"Thanks, Eric." I mumble as I leave the library. I decide to take a stroll around the castle to clear my mind. I really miss my King. He's not mine to begin with, but I just miss having him around.

I start heading into a secluded area of the castle. This place doesn't seem to have anyone attending this part. The floors aren't polished and the furnature is dusty.

I hear giggling around the corner. I peek over. One of Ryan's guards was with a woman. I can't see her face.

"We shouldn't be doing this here." He says, kissing the woman's neck.

"No one will catch us." She giggles. "I need some attention and he's not here to give it to me." Wait... I recognize that voice.

The woman's face is clear now. It's Sara. That whore!

I feel my blood begin to boil. How could she do this to King Ryan?! Does she not realize how lucky she is the have him?! Okay, I have Two options here; I can confront her, or I can leave...

"Hey!" I shout, revealing myself. Okay, looks like my body is making the decision for me.

The guard pushes Sara away. Instead of getting nervous, Sara crosses her arms. "What? I'm busy." She pulls the guard close to her again. Wow, she seriously has no shame.

"Back away from him. You don't want to do this." I warn.

"And what are you going to do?!" She throws her head back in laughter. "Are you going to go tell on me? Everyone knows about your little obsession with the King. It's really sick," She scoffs. She steps away from the guard and steps closer to me. "It's embarrassing, really. I almost feel bad for you. You think he cares about you? He won't even listen to you. Remember who has the ring on their finger." She holds out her hand. "He clearly chose me over you. So I suggest you back off, and just give up before you do something stupid." She smirks.

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