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So the plan was to stay up all night and upload this before school started. I stayed up all night But I got  distracted by YouTube and food.


"Well?" I continued to stare at him, when I notice he wasn't going to answer, I hoped off the bed and grabbed one of his t-shirts with out his permission and went into the bathroom. If he can bite me, damn well I'm taking one of his shirts. I slipped the shirt over my body and went to the bathroom mirror. There is a large gash on my neck and strangely enough it wasn't bleeding. I touched it and a sharp pain went through my whole body causing me to fall to the floor, griping at my shoulder.

"I'm sorry, Rebecca." Spencer spoke while touching my arm. As soon as his arm made contact I instantly felt the pain calm down.

"I-... I may have marked you."

"Mark me?" I laughed nervously, and started playing with my wet hair for a distraction, "That's just some wired wolf sex thing, right?" 

"Yes... well, yes and no?" he looked around the room, unsure of himself.

"Is that a question?" I asked amused, sure I'm a little p!ssed but the bite will go away.

"It can be." Spencer looked down at the floor and scratched his neck before looking back up at me, " Rebecca, I'm truly sorry, I don't know what I was thinking." You weren't thinking with your brain that's for sure, "I guess I just got caught up in the moment."

"I've been bit by plenty of dog." I laughed, only partly joking.

"Rebecca, I don't think you understand, you were bit by a werewolf. It's not like a normal bite... there are consequences... for a human like you."

"Like what?" I asked a felt the smile slowly leave my face.

"All though there have been vary few human mate some werewolves try to mark humans, sometimes it's because they were rejected or there mate died or even they wanted to see what happens."

"Just get to the point!" I yelled freaking out and griping the ends of the shirt. "What happend?"

"There are many different things that happened, it all depends on the person." He took a deep breath. "I really am sorry, it's just you were getting so comfortable with me so fast-"

"Spencer!" I yelled growing impatient and pointed over yo the bed, "Sit!"

"I'm not a dog." Spencer growled, I felt fear grow inside of me but quickly pushed it to the side.

"News flash, you turn in to a wolf and I considere wolves dogs." I yelled back, "Also, dogs bite, there for you are a dog, case closed. Now tell me what the h3ll is going on.

"There is a possibility that nothing will happen but-"

"But what?"

"There's also a possibility that you are going to be in pain when you are not around me untill we mate or even grow part of the werewolves genes." 

I couldn't help the laughter that spilled out of my mouth and had my clenching at my chest.

"You scared me!" I laughed and lightly whacked his shoulder, "I thought you were serious!"

"Rebecca, hun?" He crouched down in front of me, taking my hands into his, "I'm not joking, there is a high chance of something happening you to."

I just kept laughing, not wanting to believe it.

"You wouldn't do that to me." I whispered to Spencer and mostly to myself, "Not after I just started trusting you."

"Rebecca, I'm sorry, if anything happens I'll fix it, okay?"

"Just stop," I ripped my hands out of his, walking towards the door, "I'm going down stairs."

Before I could reach the last step I felt a deep pain in my side causing me gasp for air and lean against the wall.


I seriously wonder what's wrong with me when I write this story.XD

I was falling asleep the who tome so I just decided to upload this and worry about it being longer.

I also like Spencer so much more then Dustin! Who do you like better?

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