chapter 5

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a/n: i wonder if i should make fruk and rusame sequels.....

what do you guys think? :3 i could do this!



"Ohonhonhon, Matthewsexual? You need to give that more thought, the comments have better ideas than you, cherie" Francis grinned and continued his work.

"Whatever, I still wanna go to the party. Sure, Ivan creeps me out...And Arthur frankly likes to complain "He shrugged, doodling on a piece of paper instead of work, "But Matthew is the best in my opinion ".

"Arthur is cuter if you ask me"

".....Bad Gay Trio"

"Antonio has a girlfriend, isn't Lovina her name? She's the short tempered one, right? And I'm not sure if Feliciano is a girl or boy and that German Ludwig makes me too scared to question Feli" Francis shivered, erasing a mistake in his work.

"Ah, I'm sure my brother is just protecting his friend. " I answer, leaving my math sheet blank.

Work sucks...

Before I knew it, the bell had rung, and Francis and I were walking down the halls, waiting to meet the three brothers eagerly.

Ivan happily stood behind us, waiting patiently for them as well.

The aura was a bit creepy, and I swear it was coming from Ivan!

The siblings walked down the hall, happily talking amongst themselves.

Meaning Arthur and Alfred were talking while Matthew was quietly humming.

God they shouldn't ignore him...

"Hey Birdie!"  I smiled at him, he looked up and gave a smile that I could squeal like a yaoi fangirl to.


"Do you wanna head out and grab a bite to eat?" I asked him, using a small bit of my flirting skills "I know a great place with the best ice cream ever!" I encouraged him a bit after seeing a flicker of doubt on his face.

But at that moment,  it was just Birdie and I standing in that hall.

I couldn't hear Arthur yelling at Francis, i couldn't feel Ivan's creepy aura, or how loud Alfred was eating his burger.

It was only Birdie, and his perfect violet eyes, wavy hair.

I bet I sound pretty tyical and unawesome, but he was beautiful.

In every way possible, and well...

I'm pretty sure it's just a small crush, right?


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