Chapter 29

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It's been a few days so it's time for me to come home from the hospital. But there's the problem, we don't have a home anymore.

"Are you sure your feeling okay? we can always ask for you to stay a little longer?" asks brad fussing over me

"Don't worry babe, I'm fine" I say kissing his head

"Okay so I've sorted for you to go back to your parents and-" I interrupt him

"No I want to be with you" I say

"Okay, we can stay in a hotel for a few days, we can buy us more stuff and clothes" brad tells me

"We are going to be okay again" he says.

"Hmm lets hope so" I look at the ground.

"We've lost everything" I say nearly in tears

"We haven't lost eachother" brad turns me around and kisses my lips.

"That's one thing we have left okay?" asks brad

"Yeah" I sniff

"So, what kind of hotels would you like?" asks brad taking hold of my hand

"Anywhere safe," I say "that wont burn down"

Brad looks at me.

"Is that supposed to be a joke?" he asks

"No, yes... ugh idk anymore okay?" I let go of his hand

"I know this hotel near town is very posh but very casual" brad says not even looking at me.

"Yeah sure whatever" I mutter

We take the bus to the hotel whilst brad wears a big hat and scarf to cover himself from fans or paparazzi because we really don't need them judging us, judging me.

We finally arrive and brad books us a room for 2 weeks+ till we find our own home.

Luckily we had home insurance in our old home so we can get some money out of it. we could rebuild but that would bring back memories. terrible memories. so I think we should just buy a new place.

It's not actually a hotel it's more an apartment. it's huge.

"What do you think?" asks brad

"Very nice" I say looking at the bedroom and realising that brads ordered us separate beds.

I feel so upset. like he doesn't even want me around. first he planned for us to be in different houses now he orders separate beds.

"Brad" I say

"Yeah?" he asks

"Do you still love me?" I ask

He pauses

"Of course" he says. but he doesn't sound sure at all. so ella was the only thing pulling us together, now she's gone we are nothing.

"Do you want to go shopping for new clothes?" asks brad

"Okay I guess I need them" I say and we walk to town in utter silence.

Sometimes I catch him staring at me and it gets awkward. ARGH I WISH I COULD TELL WHAT HE IS THINKING!

"Okay here's £5,000 spend it wisely" brad hands me one of his credit cards.

"Thanks" I crack a smile but he ignores it and leaves. okay now I know something is wrong.

First I go to the apple shop and buy a new iPhone to replace my burnt one.

Then I go into shopping stores and but loads of clothes and make up and shoes until I only have £5.00 left. I grab a McDonalds burger and large fries and a drink because I feel like drowning my sorrows in calories.

"Didn't expect to see you here alone especially after what's happened" says a familiar voice. so I turn around to see Tristan.

"Hey" I say

"Why are you alone?" he asks

"Well I don't think brad loves me anymore" I start crying and everybody looks at me then at tristan then someone asks for his autograph and I just stand there silently.

"Lets go" he says to me and we go into the local park.

"Why do you think that?" he asks

"Because he ordered separate beds for us and he doesn't want me around. he's acting so weird and I'm afraid that right now he's looking for something better" I start crying a lot.

"Aw poppy" Tristan sits next to me on the bench.

"I know he loves you" tristan tells me

"Yeah right. I'm just something there for when he feels good" I say

"No no no, he's going through a hard time at the moment" Tristan says

"Aren't we all"

"Yeah but. it's ella. he always used to text me about her. he was so happy to be a father. he's really really really upset okay he still loves you but too upset to express it" tristan tells me

"I need to go now anyway. see you around" Tristan leaves leaving me confused as hell.



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