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"Holy shit. Holy shit." I muttered over and over again, pushing my hands through my hair, as I started to breathe heavily.

Alexa started to panic, and crouched down by my side, and placed her hand on my knee.

"What's the matter?" She gently asked, her voice soft, but fear was in her eyes.

"Chandler and Blake." I spoke

"Leo and Leila. They're back at the house." Anna said, started to rush towards the door.

"No. We can't go, they'll kill us, we need to tell Hunter and Daisy."

"But Hunter will kill us." Anna replied.

"Better than being half mauled to death, left in a field for a bunch of cannibals or wolves." I suggested, so we made our way through the tunnels of stairs, that eventually led back into the base. It was a dark night, and the stars glistened like glass in the ocean, and the clouds looked like cotton, and they were slowing drifting away.

We ran back to the house, to find Hunter and Daisy, in the midst of intimacy but we barged in anyway.

"What are you kids doing?" Daisy shouted, covering her breasts with a pillow.

"The others are stuck in a house and a group of these like murderers and I'm scared that they will die and please we need help and I can't stop talking I'm sorry.." Alexa stated to talk, and words just rolled off her tongue making it impossible for her to stop.

"Murderers? What?" Daisy said, in the middle of getting changed.

"I don't know, there was a big gang." I began to fell my heart beat drop and pick up pace, and I was honestly shit scared.

"Me, Daisy and a few others are gonna check it out." Hunter said, picking up his gun.

"Stay here. Run a shower or something, but most importantly, stay out of trouble yeah?" Daisy said, kissing us all gently on the head as she and Hunter left in search of the others.

"Why the kisses on the forehead?" I ask.

"She likes to think she's the mother figure. I dunno." Anna said.

"It makes her happy I guess." Alexa responded.

"I never really had a mother figure." I said, releasing I was opening myself out to people I met only earlier that week. But I guess I was stuck with them, for life.

"I didn't have a father figure." Anna said.

"My parents stayed together." Alexa said.

"It's wierd, how we've all experienced different things, but now, our lives are all the same." I said, grabbing a towel.

"I'm gonna hop in the shower. I stink." I said, walking into the bathroom and slipping off my clothes.

The cool water felt clean against my skin, as the water trickled down my back, and then hit the shower floor.

I squeezed some shampoo into my hand, and lathered into my hair, rinsing it out, the bubbles trailing down my body.

I grabbed a razor and began to shave my legs, I did a quick and rough job of it, but to be honest, all I ever wore was skinny jeans so.

I hopped out of the shower, turning off the shower head, causing random water droplets to fall, and trickle down. As I grabbed the bath robe and started to brush through my hair, I heard the door open and close, I guess Hunter and Daisy were back.

It was silent, and I put the brush down, and left the bathroom, walking back into the bedroom. Only to find, 2/4 of the group.

Hunter and Daisy stood alongside Chandler and Blake, but Leo and Leila were no where to be seen.

As I turned to face Anna and Alexa i noticed tears in there eyes and their trembling chins, and I just froze in my tracks.

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