Alby and the changing

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I was lying on my bed, awake.

I screamed had screamed for Thomas, he was stood in front of me.

Newt was there to, but I wanted him to leave.

"Newt leave,"



He left the room

"Don't expect me to help when you come running"

Then he left

"I've seen you"

Thomas was quite

"You were there, in my memories."

"You..." All of sudden my hands went to my neck

Thomas got newt.

I was straggling myself, but i was being controlled.

Newt pinned me down.

Thomas got my legs.

He got my hands away from my neck.

And pinned them down.

After a few minutes

He got of me and let go

"I'm sorry it wasn't me!" I say

"You were trying to strangle yourself!" He said to me

I think he forgave me but was still hurt

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