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At Sm Entertainment company

'kugae bado non Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.!'

SNSD just finished practicing for their comeback. Everyone was panting, satisfied with the dancing.

Dance teacher : Okay girls, good job so far. Start practicing by yourself for the rest of the day and we will meet tomorrow. Have a nice day!


After practicing a couple of times, they heard a knock on the door.

Yuri: I ll get it!!

She opened the door and found a mailbox with the name We Got Married on it. She opened the mailbox and found a letter that says

For SNSD's Yuri

Congrats! You have been chosen to be a wife on our show! Tomorrow you will go to Theater XXXX at 2:25
where you will meet your husband!
Good luck!!

After she finished reading it she was in shock.

Yuri: Guys, I'm going to be a part of WGM!!!

Yoona: Really?! With who??

Yuri: I dont know yet. They said I will meet him tomorrow.

Taeyeon: Lucky~! I hope your husband wont be like mines

  Everybody laughed as they remembered the time Taeyeon was husband and wife with Hyung Dong

In Yuri's mind:

Im so nervous right now! What should I do?!


At EXO'S Dorm

Everyone was enjoying there time at the dorm. Suho was shopping online, Luhan was playing with Sehun, Xiumin was making music with Chanyeol and Lay, Baekhyun was texting someone, Tao was showering with Chen, and D.O was getting ready for his drama.

While they were enjoying their time, they heard the doorbell ring

Suho opened the door and saw a camera man

Suho: Oh! Annyeonghasaeyo. Why are you here?

The cameraman gave Suho a letter.

Suho: Is this for me?!

The cameraman shook his head

Cameraman: This is for Luhan.

Suho: oh.....

Suho: LUHAN!!!

Luhan: NAE!?

Suho: This is for you!

Luhan read it:

Dear EXO's Luhan,

Congrat! You have been chosen to be apart of our show, We Got Married!
Tomorrow, you will go to Theater XXXX at 2:00 to meet your wife. Good luck!!

Luhan: Hyung! Im gonna be a huaband on WGM!!

Suho: Lucky you! Treat her well okay? But who is the wife?

Luhan: I dont really know yet....

In Luhans mind:
Will she like me? Will we be a good couple? Why am I so nervous????


Whadd up Yulhan lovers?! So this is my first chapter! Wow i actually wrote something... Anyways, comment if you liked it or not, should I add hosts? Hope you enjoy!!

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